Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I preferred the title to stay that way since putting the movie title attracts too much attention. I know it’s been like what? 5 days since the most awaited twilight sequel was shown and up to now there are still a lot of arguments (proofs are long thread of comments in FB, lol!) like for example:

- Team Jacob or Team Edward? LOL! Sorry, I’m a Jacob Black convert now. I don’t actually understand the phrase, haha! I mean if it’s Jacob or Edward for Bella? Coz when I unflinchingly said Jacob, I meant I want Jacob for me. Mine, mine, mine. HAHAHA!!!!

I think the most appropriate reaction when he removed his shirt was Joy’s comment in my FB account – OOH LA LA!! Hahaha!!!

But I was strongly opposed by my two girlfriends whom I watched the movie with. They’re very strong Edward supporters. LOL!

- Boring or Not. I’m surprised that there were a lot of comments about it being boring and poor acting. Hmm, I kind of enjoyed it actually. Haha! But don’t listen to me coz I’m not a good movie critic. All I can say is that, I only have 4 hrs of sleep that time coz I came from a KTV night and I was alive on the MORNING sked of the movie. Whoever books morning skeds for movies btw??? Addicts!! LOL!

- Cheesy lines. It’s a teenybopper book right? :P

- Can’t understand where the hype is coming from. I don’t either. It’s just infectious. I’ve never read a single leaf of the four books. Although after the movie, the ante did rise up a bit. Now I’m about 60% decided to read the series. Haha!

But I don’t think there is a need, the two girls already filled me in with the series and its ending. Haha! I’m glad Jacob will not die or anything – it’s all that matters to me. Hahaha!!

The two girls I’m talking about are my college friends – Joan and Shiela. Bong and I – both clueless about the book – continued asking about some of the scenes to them after the movie. The discussion was continued at A Veneto – a pizza parlor in Glorietta 3 that you’ll seldom find without a queue at night – we took the opportunity of the afternoon setting.

And the seafood pasta in white sauce is a must-try.

There were just too many topics to cover since the last time I saw them was the Bora trip??? So little time left for Bong to teach me on the SLR - although he's more of a Canon user and the one responsible for some of my best shots in Sagada and Bora. So, I'm glad he came he took some of the shots. Haha!!

But the best topic of the day was the misunderstanding on Xiela's and mine's FB status update. My gosh, I didn't know FB can be a cause of misinterpretation for some who are not in the know. Haha! You see, we're a huge group of college friends (about 20 persons or so). Sadly, most of them are already working abroad to take advantage of their technical degree. Of course, you know how vague some status updates can be so it's just too funny for some of our friends in Canada and Saudi to think that Shiela and I are quarreling. Hahaha!!

Btw, to end this, I never saw someone posting about this kind of movie goer for New Moon:

The Reaction Sucker!! What the heck?? The kind of people that laughs too excitedly and a little too loudly on something funny and best of all – reacts a tad ahead among others on the romantic scenes. On its simplest form, they can only be referred to as Twi-Hard or FANATICS and believe me you don’t wanna be with these kind of people inside the cinema. Take for example that ending scene of Edward proposing to Bella, someone elicited a very loud “awwww” ahead of others, you’ll be ashamed to utter a single word in response anymore. LOL!

Did you encounter that kind of people in the cinema?? Hope not! LOL!

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