Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Last Night In Bali


For our last night, we had to enjoy all the amenities we have in our gorgeous villa.

The pool featuring sexy backs...hahaha!!!

And to reveal who were behind those backs!!

The house itself...featuring the identical dresses we bought in Ubud Market.  Save for Xiela of course. :P 

The complete cast...

Cocoon Bar near Kuta beach.  Of course we didn't buy the dress for nothing.  Haha!  Though you know me I packed my own party dress too. :P  Hahabulin yata ako ng plantsa.  We had no time to iron our clothes!! :))

Oh so when I asked Ali to take the photo above, he asked me to give credits to him in this blog.  HAHAHA!!  Didn't even know he's reading in Dubai so thank you Ali!!!! :D

And that was a group shot by the bar.  Of course the couple Mac and Xiela were missing.  I wonder what they did back in the villa.  Har har!! :D

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