Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Mane Subject


My friend Mitch decided to finally chop off her curls after letting it grow beautifully for months.  A few weeks ago they were still purrrty, the locks reaching up to her waist already.  I was almost tempted to take a photo of it but it sort of looked like this,  a photo taken last April. :)  See how it has grown from this. :P

Now I'm having an internal debate whether to follow suit.  There's no question.  I love the volume!  One time I saw a Yahoo link about what men think when they see a girl in different hairstyles.  Sorry but I just had to simply savor that moment.  Right after reading the article, I faced myself in the mirror and imagined a guy uttering "There she is, my future wife.  Her hair is so sexy, I want to run my fingers through it."  LOL!

So when that famous shampoo TVC came out asking what hairstyle do girls like??  Sorry but I beg to disagree.  It's not the long and straight hair kind of type.  I love it permed, volumized, curly, a li'l awry sometimes (as a result of no combing :p) or in a sexy tumble of waves (artistic license :p).

Having said that, my big fat BUT is, I just realized I've been battling for hair fall for almost a year now. :(  Sure a lot of hair stylist would shush me and state that it's normal ( a hundred strands a day, A HUNDRED!!! *gasp*)  But to me, in the most dramatic voice I could muster I'd say "Noooooooooooooooooooo, it's not!!!!!" :))  Not in my case seriously.  My only solace is whenever I'd still hear friends say "Ang kapal ng buhok mo!!"  But still....... Sigh...

I'd love to have a hair pictorial but that's out of the question right now given my schedule.  So thanks to Pin It! I have a virtual album of my hair pegs at the moment.

And mine looks like this at the moment - a quick shot that I asked my brother to take. :P

Please visit my Pin It.  My Wednesday wishlist is to retain this hair forever without hairfall!!  How is it possible?? Sigh. :(

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