Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend Photos :)

Gotcha! Betty's new favorite sleeping area, the couch.  Tsk, tsk! :))  On a regular bank errand with Betty last week, I was approached by some random stranger ( a couple) asking about her.  Uhmm, they gave me their number because their male Lhasa Apso needs to find a mate and they find Betty a potential.  My thoughts exactly after that??  "Wow, buti pa si Betty ang daling hanapan ng partner."  Hahaha!!  
Gym.  Pink gloves for Body Pump to match the shoes.  ;)  Wala lang. :P
Wearing fedoras for the gym.  A little effort dressing up coz I thought I'd meet the Persian family.  No, I think it's because Bruno Mars is coming and I will miss his concert. :((
I am loving my two-toned ballet flats from Aldo. ;)  
And just because we're both wearing hats,
Spending more and more time with this li'l fella. Haha!  Everyday he is up to new tricks, such a bright boy this nephew of mine.  The last last weekend, he made his first march as a ringbearer to a wedding and as predicted, MAJOR FAIL! Haha!  He was crying the whole time.  LOL!
Lastly, coincidentally wearing our same Plains n Prints dress for a Sunday (haha!).  With my friend Mitch. :)

Needless to say I'm a little uninspired lately caused by lots of work, disappointments, getting sick, etc. 

I think I even exude this "uninspired" aura thing in me that even pick-up lines sent my way were all soooo used up.  Imagine mid last week in the gym, a guy approached me and picked the classic "Your face looks familiar, I think I've seen you before."  I was just too polite not to roll eyes on him.  And the thing is, I've read numerous posts on how to counter this line but all I was able to deliver was the classic, "I don't think so." LOL!  So uninspired.  Hahaha!!!

At this moment I am thinking, I should've just booked a flight to Cebu and watch Bruno Mars there instead.  Haha!  

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