Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Coron Day 1

After we settled our things in our room, off we went to the dirty market for our groceries.  We rented a trike (or tricycle) and it only took less than five minutes to reach the place.  It is also near the boat station.  Now admittedly, this is the task that I really don’t know anything about. :-|  We have to do this in order to save us from dining at the restaurants and we have in the group people who can cook.  Bong the “ever-ready guy” brought his portable cooking apparatus that’s why if you remember we had to harass him when he was late for the check-in.  He can miss the flight but not the stove, LOL kidding!    Everybody has their roles and so in order to contribute something, I humbly proposed that for this trip I will be the………………..drumroll please………..dishwasher.  Hahaha!!!  I’ve said it too many times in this blog, you can ask me to clean the house just please don’t trust me on anything related to cooking or food preparation.  LOL!
tamang shades sa trike, LOL!
That’s why I was so amazed to the “mommy” of the group Joan for handling our money wisely.  At one instance, Bong asked for a ten-peso coin to buy something to which Joan instantly argued that the cost he is asking for is more than the actual price.  This thing caught the attention of the sellers in the area and they were not able to help but retort “Ganyan, talaga ang nanay.  Dapat marunong magbudget.”  Jeez, I just realized I can’t be a mom.  Yet.  Hahaha!!

Since we arrived late (thanks to the delayed flight of Airphil – hindi maka-get over? Haha!), we can’t plan for any island hopping for day 1.  Okay, just going back on the delayed flight AirPhil.  If you would recall, this trip was scheduled 2 days after the tsunami in Japan and there were aftershock alerts to neighboring countries.  Normally, I’d take the delayed flight thing as a sign to back off.   Yes, I can be paranoid like that but thankfully the warning for PH was lifted the day before our flight and these guys I was with were so confident nothing would happen.  Not that I need any convincing but I was just thankful we had a safe and awesome trip.

Okay, going back.  We decided we visit this Maquinit Hot Spring - one of the common itineraries in Coron.  We once again rented a trike and the ride was quite bumpy due to the unpaved roads.  Joan and I hanging on for dear life at the back of the trike since the “gents” took the front seats of the trike.  LOL! After about 15 minutes, here I am at Maquinit:
Before we took a dip, we had some group photo-ops by the mangroves area.  There’s a bridge like structure in there, perfect for a backdrop. ;-)

My, my.  It takes time getting used to the temperature.  This one's a little hotter than the normal hot springs I've been to.  38 to 40°C according to some blogs I visited.  But after a while, you'll feel relaxed and rejuvenated since we all know it can also be a form of a therapy.  No wonder there were a lot of elders who super enjoyed soaking in the hot pool when we were there.
That position of mine above is the best.  Hot water underneath and cold air above.  Don't ask me to submerge, yikes I can't take it. :P  We stayed there 'til around 730 PM.  And since we were so rejuvenated from the hot spring, we decided not to cook for the night and just have dinner by the Coron Village Lodge restaurant.  Hahaha!

After the dinner, we again had another company.  Last time at Quezon, it was Jose and Carlo.  This time around, its the ladies accompanying us.  For the first night, it's Burnett's or you can simply call her Moji.  Bong really picked these drinks and made his "special mix" just so I can participate in the errrr, drinking.  Uugh!
We played some local games "Pinoy Henyo" using Joan's Ipad and had fun with the tripod after.  LOL!  Good times!

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