Saturday, April 09, 2011

Coron Day 2 - Siete Pecados

From my Bohol trip last year where I came to appreciate island hopping, I came to a conclusion that the boatman is a key factor in making your trip enjoyable.  What happened there was Joan and I soaked up too much under the sun because of the snorkeling part in Panglao.  Haha!  Our boatman, a certified scuba diver, was too much kind and generous to assist us with all our needs.   He was even fixing my bangs then to make me look good in the photos.  Haha!

And again another takeaway from there was to come prepared for the snorkeling.  It is again another activity which I only got to appreciate there.  Maybe, the marine life there is indeed a factor.  But taking it from master Bong, we forgo snorkeling in swimsuits to diving gears/ rashguards so we can stay more under the sun.  Comfort over sexy time. :P  We were advised that this one I was wearing below is one of the trusted brands for the activity.  And because I was feeling “cute” in my gear, hahaha!!!
before leaving our lodging
boat station
I came only prepared for the rashguard part.  But I did not buy any mask/wet shoes/ fins with me.  Haha!  I cannot find them in pink.  LOLs!  The mask I used was borrowed from Bong and I rented the shoes and fins at a diving shop near the boat station.  Bong had spare fins but Joan made the first reservation.  Hehe.  Here she is, super cute in her gear.
Joan and her blue fins
Anyway, our first stop was – snorkeling at Siete Pecados.  Of course, I was already told that the sanctuarium here is way way better than what we saw in Panglao.  That’s why it came to me as a surprise why we didn’t have that much photos, hahaha!  I think for the first part, both Joan and I were busy getting used to our fins. Then I don’t know what happened.  But I assure you, there’s lotsa marine life there.  Here’s the proof: 
HAHAHAHA!!!  Count the fish, count the fish.  LOL!  I was just kidding.  I just posted photo above because if you remember my iconic (iconic daw, hahaha!!) Panglao snorkeling photo with one fish “inserted” out of nowhere, it seems there is a common pattern among my underwater photos.  The fishes are my fan they wanna have a photo with me.  Hahaha!!!

Among all the boats that docked in there, we were the last to leave because we enjoyed snorkeling too much.  We even swam farther away from the boat even if we have one liability in the group.  Oops, I’m not slagging off Randolph. Hahaha!
It was still early for lunch when we left Siete Pecados.  So off we went to our next island,

The Twin Lagoon.  :)


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