Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cebu-Bohol Quick Highlights

@ Cebu.  Interview for a travel feature for ANC!  I'm a celebrity!! Yay!!  Hahaha!!! It's gonna be aired in October! :P  The hat and my bag did the wonders! :P  Here's a blurry shot during the interview, will show ya the actual video soon! :)

@ Bohol.  Day 1.  Extreme adventure in Danao.  THE PLUNGE!!! Yay!!!  According to E.A.T. Danao website,

Plunge: a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons. Now longer (70 meters) more fear some.

Will post video of this soon too! :D
Day 2.  Snorkel!  I'm scared of the deep blue but this is the first time I got close to it!  Beyond me in pic below is already the cliff measuring 15m below.  So deep!!  Yay!!!

And of course, Philippines still has the most beautiful beaches.  Here's us in a sandbar @ Virgin Island. :)

Those are just the highlights. Had so much fun!! :D Time to face reality tomorrow. :P

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