Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post Holiday Dilemma

Whoa!!! 4 days of no update???  Whadddddap with that??? :P  Let these scenarios fill you in with what happened.

#1 Filed a leave last Monday yet finding myself chained to my laptop in the afternoon.

#2  Passed out of exhaustion in our sofa last Tuesday after dinner.  Woke up at 6AM shocked to find where I was.  And gasped even more when I found out I didn't shower, wash face or brush teeth.  Oh, poor skin!!! :(  Then came a fantasy.  Wouldn't it be romantic if there will be a husband who will carry me in situations like this and take me to our bedroom??  Wahaha!!! :))

#3 Stayed in the restau for 3 hrs yesterday waiting for a meeting.

#4  Weekend luggage still sort of "intact" and bedroom is a mayhem.

#5 Been out and about for days now and I miss working from home.  :(

In other words, WORK is/ was/ and will always be CRAZY!!  Yay!!  So for today's update I hope you give me a little credit for this plunge video of mine in Bohol.  This is already categorized as extreme for me.  And I feel proud of myself for conquering it!!

As early as now, I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of the video.  My friend Randolph just finished his plunge while shooting this and it's not very hard to conclude that his hands were still trembling here.  Hahaha!!!

Having been with the guys recently made me realize that I haven't written yet my SG travelogue with them.  Hahaha!!  So many things still lined up here.  Yay!!

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