Thursday, February 16, 2012

Space Savers & Organizers

"I like seeing my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet."
So this is what my temporary storage room looks like right now.

Count the boxes!!! Yays!!!  And believe me, that's not all of it.  XD  A mishmash of my "artifacts" all fighting for space inside my room.  Actually this is not much different from the previous set-up hence the much needed renovation.

Anyway, the point here is, I've seriously accumulated too much material stuffs over the years and I have to put a stop into it.  Of course, at the back of my head I already know this even before BUT it is different when you had to see it for yourself when I did the actual transferring of my things two weeks ago.  WOW, too much labor! :))

So that is the reason why I'm on a shopping rehab this year. *crossing fingers*  According to couz Wil, there's a 365-day blog about it and I'm this close to doing it except that I already failed when I saw the new shop Diva (justified and blogged here, haha!!).   Anyway, the point of this post is that I should make full use of the items I own right now and think of some space-saving ideas in my future room.  Aside from shoes, here are some of the other items that can be found in my room.
Bags - it is not my luxury but I noticed that I like buying native bags from the countries I visited.  Those were my collection from HK, KL, SG, THL, etc.

Belts - a requisite for my non-existent hips.  Period. :P

Hats - I didn't realize how I'm such a hat person until I've decided to combine all my hats in a storage box.

Books - I love chic-lits.  And Kinsella just came out with her new book, yays!!!  
Anyway, aside from those, let us not forget - THE ACCESSORIES!!!!  Here are the bangles,

Earrings/ Rings Etc.

I didn't have the luxury of time to take a photo of everything but what I certainly need are space savers for all these "abubots" in my room.  And yes, that includes my Tweety bird collections, stationeries, things of sentimental values (gifts from ex still there, huh???? Haha!!), and all things that prove I'm such a pack rat.  Hehehe.  :P  Here are some of the inspirations I found in the web.  First things first of course, the shoes!!!  I don't think I can afford a "shoe room" ala Carrie Bradshaw but it would be nice to have a mini showcase of some of my fiercest shoes ayt? ;-)  Here's what I found in the web.  I guess a 6x6 would do noh! ;-)  The other half can be kept somewhere.  I'll figure it out.

For the bag and hat racks, I think I'd love to have these.  I'm thinking they are space-consuming but hats are hats and the form can be damaged if you don't stock them well.  As for the bag, I'm not sure where to find this and currently I'm using clothes hangers for mine and in the interest of full disclosure, all my mini bags now are crammed together in one of my small travel luggage. XD

For the accessories, I've already tried to use the bangle holder (bought it from 168 mall in Divi) and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box for the earrings and rings. :P  I found some suggestions from the web to use ice trays, haha!  But I think this one below is also a brilliant idea, porcelain accessory holders!!!! ;-)

Perhaps I can't afford to have a mini library inside my room but I'd better have my work station because of my job.  For that, it would be nice to have something like this:

Yes I really love photographs.  It'd be nice to see some inspiring photos in my wall while working - something like a vision board. ;-)  So there, these are just some "initial" stage of my planning.  Haha!!  Our first floor's all yucky right now because of the excavation works.  We're still to adjusting to our new place and as early as now I am already applying some space saving ideas of mine in our apartment but for sure everything that we have to endure will be worth it in the future.  I can't wait. ;-)


Unknown said...

Ate, where did you move too? Did you finally move out of Tito, and Tita's house? Congrats!


CaseyCakes said...

hahaha!! Kuya Wil I didn't, lol! I'll just move out once I get married, more lol! We're renovating our house, my brother asked for a parking lot and I asked for a bigger room. LOLs!