Friday, February 17, 2012

Fab Friday: Black Bag

I just wanna debut my newest bag.  Okay, I said I'm on a shopping rehab but I purchased this from the web last year and had it delivered to Singapore and featured only now. :P

Fashion mongers out there must've been very familiar with the newest Celine "It" bag that's all the rage on fashion blogs.  If you do not, well here's a snap of Kourtney Kardashian toting it.

A case of hesitation.  I was close to purchasing that bag in a local Celine store last year (I was eyeing the green one) but I hesitated and now I regret it.  Haha!  I was just unsure if those sported by celebrities has the same quality as those sold here in PH.  I mean, for sure theirs is more expensive than the one I was supposed to buy right?  Anyway, after two weeks of checking out Celine branches if they still have the item, I consulted the web and here's the closest copy I found.

Quite close, huh?  I added a scarf for some drama.  Now here's what it looks like when it's expanded.  

I like that it's very roomy!!  Perfect for the "messy" ( and so unladylike) person in me. :P  Have a phenomenal Friday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Shoesies!! =p

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