Monday, September 17, 2007

Garage Sale!!!

For a start, I know you all know me about being so Becky Bloomwood-like but just to be clear: I’m not in bankruptcy! =P Yes, I may have credit cards but I think I’m managing them pretty fine, thank you very much. For another start, this event is not for charity purposes or whatsoever just like what celebrities do. Owkie?

It just came upon me one sleepless night. It was already 4 AM when I’d given up on all sleeping positions I can think of and all the somniferous music I can listen to, I rose from the bed and started cleaning my room. WEIRD! I know but it’s been eons ago since I did its last general cleaning. But as I go through one corner, I realized that prior to that, one thing has to be done first: FILTERING. Aaaack!!

No doubt about it, my room has got to be qualified only “a dressing room” because of the behemoth of items it contains. The last time BFF Joy helped me clean it, she was still convincing me to throw out some items from the past that are still of importance to me which I only did that night or that early morning to be precise. For example, NCAA tickets I’ve been meaning to show to an ex-crush (a cager who’s now out of the country) just in case you know, the 100 solved problems in physics I’m still keeping because I’m proud of my handwriting in it (I kept some pages though), chocolate cans my ex gave me (what???? They did well as containers of trinkets!) and…….ok, enough of my frivolity. :D

And as I inspect the others, I thought they might do well to be of benefit again since some are just slightly used. And hence the garage sale which would contain my:

(a) Stationeries. The ones I collected during my entire high school and early college.
(b) Wallets. Not that many but there’s one from Liz Claiborne.
(c) Paper bags. I don’t know why I still collect these things.
(d) Belts. Believe me you don’t wanna know how many my belts I have.
(e) Accessories. Kikay, period!
(f) Shoes. I’m not sure if ‘tis the proper venue but I’ll explain anyway. With what my big size it’s really hard to find a pair mind you. So when I find one, I’m forced to grab it. Hehe. But of the 50 pairs, more or less 30% of them were bought on sale. I can be lucky sometimes too. ;)
(g) Bags. That goes with the shoes. =P
(h) Clothes. Can I say blame it on industrialization? Haha. No excuse on this one, you know me. :)

There. I never thought all the items wouldn’t fit in one suitcase. I looked in my room and to my utter disappointment, nothing’s changed. It didn’t feel like it’s broaden or something. Phhbbt!!

My mom is in charge of the whole thing. I asked her to do the opening on a Saturday so I could oversee it thinking it would be fun but she didn’t. Last Saturday around 6 pm when I came home and saw the people looking and sorting on my items, I cringed and hid. I don't know why but I just didn’t like the thought of them imagining the things on me and back to them, whatever!

The last news I heard, an afternoon sale summed up to a whopping………….......Php 800. Haha!! Not bad I thought, there are still a lot more unsold. I’m betting a figure close to 5 digits and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. :) I also took a picture shown below to serve as remembrance of some of the things I once owned. =)

Offer good while supply last :D


Nivek said...

Wow, 800 PHP. I never realized the difference, but that is like $17 USD (according to 1 PHP is like 2¢). Oh wow, I could come to PI and be rich...

kCNeSs said...

so u even went to the extent of converting the amount, haha!! it's not that much but Php800 can buy me 2 new shirts..haha!! =P

u come and visit, i'll show u 'round. ;)