Wednesday, September 19, 2007

7 for 37!!

7 days were all it took me to finish this bloody game with 37 levels! Oh yeah, i'm a definite game hustler, haha!!

What am I talking about? It's N95's 3-dimensional Snake**. Goodness! This thing has got me hooked, gripped and above all.....UNPRODUCTIVE! Haha!

Well at least, I'm not like my buddy Lisa who's desperately searched for clues and tricks in the Web. Needless to say, we're FRIENDS!! Addicts! *LOLS* I can still remember the animation on our faces as we talk about it during our NEO gathering last Friday (for another post :)

Phew! I don't think this is already over coz the next challenge is to acquire the highest score. That was the original aim of course but it's hardly possible as your curiosity rises towards the next round. I had to drop it. Initially, I intended to make this a sort of "tips" for enthusiasts out there but I figured that would spoil the fun of playing it.

So what I can say for now is that it's all about Keys and Maneouvers baby! :P It has been one fun roller-coaster ride! Enjoy! :D

**Yup, still working for Samsung. This is a company phone for comparison only during testing. ;) My observation, battery is not good. Only lasts half a day for playing. :P :P :P

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