Friday, September 21, 2007

2 Controversial Women and 2 Gorgeous Men

(have a good read on the hyperlinks :D)
Being the astute reader that I am, I took it upon myself to share some of the news I gathered yesterday. (I barely watch the news, hehe.)

#1 The Pig's Article. What can I say? This article has surpassed Kwentong Inday’s, Jay and his gf Part 1 and Part 2’s popularity on the web. I’m not surprised though ‘coz this obnoxious column writer named Malu Fernandez and her repugnant article provoked our OFWs especially with her arrogant reactions after. According to the clip below, she has already resigned. And we’re all rejoicing! Wooohoo!! There isn't enough ill that I could possibly say about her. That serves her well. But my question is, isn’t the magazine or the publishing company also responsible or has a bit share on that? Hmm??

#2 Britney’s VMA Performance. I already heard it a week ago but I refused to look at it in the web ‘coz frankly, I don’t know how I’m gonna react. You see, even if she’s always involved in controversies, I still have this soft spot for Britney Spears for some unknown reasons. I won’t deny the fact that I once shook my bon bon on her ditties, but that penchant seems to vanish whenever I see her posing for paparazzis looking all smug in her fugly outfits. It’s appalling. She still remains to be my #1 worst-dressed celebrities you know. Now this video below explains the real reason behind her opposite-of-gimme-more performance in the VMA. A broken heel!

If it’s true, it should’ve been published eh?????? Thoughts???

Aaaah, the wonders of youtube!! :D Now on to the delicious men, ahaha!! :))

#1 Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. I’ve seen him before in our event and I was just like, "OK, he's a hunk!" but now watching him every Saturday perform on Duets, I’m…….enamored. and I’m really really really wracking my brain here trying to understand how come he fell for Dra. Vicky Belo? At times, I’d just like to think that Belo used her dermatology magic and transformed him to the hunk that he is now. But it’s impossible ‘coz he’s of the same profession. Aaaargh, life is so unfair!! UNFAIR!!!

#2 Shia LeBeouf. Wow!! Just look at my new crush here. I thought he’s just some weakling guy like the one that he is on transformers. But he just looks so absobloodylutely gorgeous here, agree?

Well I just hope I won’t hear some news in the future that he has gone out or has a boyfriend like Mark Feehily and Wentworth Miller of Prison Break (after all the ogling!). I’m sooooo not going to pass up on that Disturbia and Indiana Jones remake. :D

But the most controversial of all, get this! I'm going to be on TV. Hahaha!! Actually, it's not yet sure but most likely. Sssshhhh!!!


Nivek said...

When are you going to be on TV? So what are you going to do? You better put it up on YouTube so us people in the US can see it too.

kCNeSs said...

haha!! hi kev! it's been a long time..actually its not yet sure..been busy on something?