Monday, September 24, 2007

SG Day 1 Travelogue: Can We Still Be BFF?

(so much for the wallowing...)

At Changi airport’s walkalator headed to the luggage claiming area, got out my phone and dialed Joy’s number.

Joy: Hello?
KC: Joy!
Joy: Yes, may I know who’s this?
KC: KC ‘to. And2 nako!
Joy: (in her usual funny gay manner): KC, ikaw na ba yan? Grabe gurl, totoo ka na! Akala ko ika’y nasa larawan lamang.
Followed by a bellow of laughter. Now tell me, who wouldn’t miss this gurl??

Well, the official version is, I had a slight sulky feeling towards her because of an “issue” in Laguna which for now we can leave for another conversation. I sent her a whole page of MS Word with my explanation of being innocent for that matter and I just had to think that her demanding work was to be blamed for our lesser and lesser communication as days passed by. It’s almost like we already fell apart. :(

So when the news of training came out, it felt like an answered prayer. Coz the day before that came also the news that her supposed to be 3-month training is done but her stay will be extended and is probably for good. (Our much anticipated Boraventure scheduled Aug 2-4 had to be cancelled.)
Nonetheless, I still prepared all her “padalas” most of which are foods. Mind you, this girl requests as if she’s craving like a pregnant woman! Imagine my luggage having some home-cooked tupperwares of tulingan (tuna), adobong atay (liver), yema, hotdog (because they don’t like the taste of SG’s brands) and SUN tea raspberry! In exchange, she prepared an itinerary for my entire stay (which actually none of them was followed.) =P

After check-in at Riverview Hotel around 7 pm, I just changed my outfit and transferred her things in a separate bag and went straight to her flat in Spottiswoode. Their place is tranquil and it is infront of Singapore General Hospital. And the supposed to be Merlion visit on a Tuesday night was spent doing things that we love and miss the most: shopping and pig-out! :D

We walked from Spottiswoode to Chinatown where all the radio are blaring out “Beautiful Girls” to check out some within-the-budget clothes. There’s this crazy running to beat the 10-second road crossings, silly pictures everywhere and the just keep walking attitude. Straight after I was treated to this hawker near their place where delicious noodles are served and barley juice. Ahem, I didn't dare spend in Chinatown coz I still have these calculations going on in my head non-stop everytime the price is being mentioned. =P

(a) pic in hawker (b) @ Spottiswoode (c) Subway

It was past 11 when we finished, she insisted on me sleeping in their flat but I was advised that maybe tomorrow someone from the office will pick us up from the hotel. She said I could go back early in the morning but I said I don’t have my night essentials. I can see the look of disappointment in her eyes whereas back in the Phils we used to sleep in one bed almost everyday talking and laughing boisterously ‘til the wee hours of the morning. I also excused myself of arranging my things which she don’t dare believe (after showing her my room). So this is what you get when you tell your friends everything huh? But I think for that night I just wanted to for once actually enjoy living independently in a nice hotel far far away from manila and have a nice hot bath in the tub. In fairness, I really arranged my things. Here are proofs:

(a) the lucky shoes who travelled out of 50 pairs ^^ (b) accessories (c) my first Sing dollars

It was almost 2 AM when everything got settled and slept with this thought in my head: Can we still be the best of friends?

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