Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Through the Years: Intel NEO Batch June '04

Time to bring out the old pictures again! Those whose captions perfectly fit, "some 10 pounds ago", haha!!

Daisy, Fely, Roy, Moi, Joseph, Joanne, Sheena, Lisa, Bert, James, Karen and Jeed

At the end of our 2-week training, this is all of us, ready to get on board:

NEO Batch of June '04

We were mostly RCGs (recent college grads) back then, so no digicams yet. Haha!!

And then there's the test to our friendship and togetherness: the bloody job! Everybody's busy but we made it a point to calendar atleast a lunch or gathering every now and then: whether be it a planning in a conference room of Intel, holiday celebration in EK, plain videoke session in Magdaragat, a buffet lunch in Jabanero, a taste of Mcdo in Manggahan or an upcoming wedding of a NEOmate. :) (Hey, I don't have a copy of our pics in Tagaytay!)

Then came our 1st year anniversary. We're all sooo happy that we survived!! Haha!! Sad to say, 3 of them already resigned but one made it and came:

Resignation is inevitable. But there's a sort of a vow to keep each other in the loop for any news.

This month, Jeed came back from Qatar so we met up @ Makati 2 Fridays ago.

Now it's been 3 years: some are already abroad, some has just started on their new career, some stayed but one thing remains: we're still friends. :)

@ Teriyaki Boy Glorietta

With the one I missed the most, our baby Citas:

Lastly, I'd like to share a photo of the delinquents:

versus the last ones standing: *LOLS*

Guess who's happier? Haha!! :D


Anonymous said...

Si Lisa ang super ngiti... Smart Girl talaga... ganyan din ang ngiti ko... hahaha... Ey KC, wishing you always a bright future outside Intel... :) Girl ka na talaga...

kCNeSs said...

thanks! haha..karen?????