Saturday, September 29, 2007

SG Day 2a Travelogue: Beat 'Em KC!

(because I was informed that I write too long, this would be a half-day account, haha!)

As I face myself in the mirror, I tell myself firmly: “Yes! You can do it. Beat ‘em KC! Beat ‘em!” I had an extra assignment from my boss and that is to impress these counterparts of mine. I’m not actually sure how to do it whilst training but I think being on-time is one.

Everybody knows my problem when it comes to waking up early so aside from the 2 cellphones I had set to 7 AM, another alarm in the room was set, the phone also set-up for wake-up call and I also called the receptionist last night for a manual wake-up. There’s also the TV turned on the whole time for you know, extra disturbance in the morning. (Well, the truth is, I was scared alone. Remember my Davao experience?) But thank God! All alarms conspired to wake me up early.

I put on my finishing touches and added more gloss for extra effect. I already know I am the only belle in the training: the rose among the thorns (like I’m not used to it) and I should put less on my face but you can never (can) tell, (can you?) Haha!

Before I left, one more check on my number. I can’t dress up fashionably yet and have to look smart. So I went for: Top, white polo from Kamiseta (on sale); cincher, no brand; trousers: Ensembles (on sale), Pumps: So Fab! Bag: Guess (on sale). I almost want to put on bordered eyeglasses for a professional feel but alas, I left it at home. Not bad! OK, go!

It’s 8:15 on the dot when I left my room: 1410 of Riverview Hotel. It was a sunshiny morning in Havelock Road. I patiently queued for the taxi that will take me to Church Street. Just for relief, I initiated a conversation to the driver as to how long would it take for us to get there. He mistook me for a Malaysian. Hmm, this is already the 2nd time I heard it, 1st was in the airport. And it just gives me a natural high. I feel like I already belong here. Ü (Ni haw ma? Wo Ay Ni, how's my accent? :D)

Hmm…I wonder what our office looks like. Well, I’m not surprised that it will be a towering building in a place that can be compared to somewhere like Makati in the Philippines. It hasn’t been more than 5 minutes when the cab turned right and there emblazoned infront of me is SAMSUNG HUB. I paid “uncle” the fare and excitedly got out of the vehicle. Now there’s one little glitch, out of the 46 floors, I don’t know exactly where is the training. Damn, I should’ve asked back in the office.

Thanks to the receptionist, I initially got in on the wrong floor. Uuugh! Leon (the trainer) welcomed me from the security protected door of the 32nd floor and ushered me onto the training room. There were about 5 men in the room, 6 seats untaken and I turned my heel onto the chair where my nameplate is which is near the clear glass that shows the view outside. The 4 seats on our side are already filled but I don’t dare look at the faces of my co-trainees. I was just studying the names of the latecomers infront and I reckon they’re the Vietnamese, about to turn on my laptop when the one on my left who was busy typing a while ago on his PC accosted me. “Hi, I’m Lawrence.” I beamed back at him with what I hope is a natural smile, offered my hand to shake saying “It’s KC.” with my mind telling me he’s a bit cute.ű See? The make-up’s subtle yet effective. That’s what I’m talking about (it). Haha!!

the view outside

Of-course the ice-breaker wouldn’t be missed on sessions like this so it was around 9:45 AM when we officially started. I already felt confident after hearing everyone introduced themselves (I’m 4 months employed, the rest are just freshies.) Ha-di-ha!! That will make the training easy as pie! So, I didn’t fail my boss. At each and every topic, I made sure to raise an intelligent question, give my inputs, share my experience but the thing is, this Lawrence also does the same. I felt a slight dart of annoyance especially when he’s asking something and everybody’s like trying really hard to impress him with an answer.

I almost wanna shout: "You should be paying more attention to me. MORE! I’m experienced, I’m fluent and I’m I’m………..pretty!!" Haha!! The morning session was about to end when Leon informed Lawrence of an after lunch meeting with someone. Hey, that’s weird. He’s a newbie. Then my mind flashed back as to how he behaved during the training. Yeah, he was almost all the time busy typing away but manages to listen carefully let alone ask sensible questions. Could he be…………Could he possibly be????????????

(to be continued)

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