Friday, September 14, 2007

Safety Reminder :)

Guys, it’s the BER months again. And I know what you’re thinking: The Holidays! I know you’re all excited on the upcoming celebrations but I would have to prick your bubbles first and tackle on a not-so-interesting topic: robbery. Yup, ‘tis the season when bad guys abound all over the metro.

I’ve been a victim many times. Maybe one factor is the location of our house but you’d have to agree with me that these crimes don’t choose any specific locations or time of day. So for azygous ladies out there like me who ain’t depend on nobody (we rule, yeah!), I’ve listed down some helpful tips for you:

#1 Gather information. Keep yourselves abreast on the latest tactics gangs use these days. Actually, this idea came up when I heard a friend being victimized again yesterday. I know it’s really fainting and horrible to hear how things happen but be strong: it’s helpful. It might help you get out of the situation if possible.

#2 Be observant. This will be the application of the facts you gathered. Though I know I have a hard time describing details on a person’s profile but I still do study carefully the faces of suspicious looking persons in the public vehicles taking into details their clothes, tattoos or any significant features on them. This move will somehow make them think twice on their motives if they knew they were being eyed on.

#3 Stay safe. One time I went home late, I finally brought home this really huge company give-away umbrella (the length of which measures up to my waist, duh!) which I’ve been hesitating to carry for days due to you know, its tackiness but that night I don’t care. It’s a self-defense tool. Choose carefully the vehicles you’ll be in (if possible with most girls/women) and taxis! Gurls, don’t be complacent with cabs (take note gimikeras!), there are a lot of modus operandi on them too! It’s ok to be skittish sometimes like I for example dropping on the jeepney and taking another whenever I sense something fishy. Better safe than sorry.

#4 Value life. And when everything else fails, LIFE is still MORE IMPORTANT. Please!

I’m not saying these things because material things are important. I’m sharing this because I don’t want you to experience the trauma I’ve been through after my last horrendous experience.

So there! I know they do not cover all but if you wanna share something you can comment on below. (Click on comments for blogspot readers and reply for multiply readers.) I would really appreciate it. I do hope that I won’t hear any more news like this from you in the future. Take care friends! :)

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