Friday, February 10, 2012

Golden Diva In Town

Move over Accessorize!!  There's a new Australian brand of fabulous accessories that's ready to give you a run for your money. :P  Yup, a Diva is in town! 

I just checked from their FB page that so far they only have two branches here in PH: Robinson's Manila and ATC.  I was completely oblivious to this brand until I noticed their store last week in Rob Place.  What a coincidence, they took over what was once the location of Accessorize in that mall!!! :P

The shop was about to close that time (I just finished a back to back dance classes in the gym) but I am too much curious as to what they have to offer that I still made a dive for it and happy that I did 'coz they're having some promo!! Haha!!  A quick inspection of their price revealed that it isn't really a cheap brand.  BUT, I'd have to say their prices are relatively lower than Accessorize. :P

To be honest, I'm really on a shopping rehab this year (I'll tell you why in a post next week :p)  but I just simply can't resist hoarding their gold accessories.  Gold accessories is the trend these days and my favorite among the things I bought is this:

Aside from snakeskin prints, I've never really been a fan of snake structures (lol!) but It's just too cute and nice to mix with their gold bangles!!! :D  I also happened to buy a Cleopatra-like necklace and two rings! :P

I know, I know I bought a lot!!!  But can you guess how much all in all I spent????  Those 6 items only racked up to Php 900!!  And it's such a sweeeeeeet deal!!  Did you know that you can only buy one necklace for that same price in the other brand?? :P

So who's the golden diva now??? Saaaaaaaaaabeeeeeeeeeeeehhh??? :P

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