Friday, February 10, 2012

Fitness Friday: Run The World Dance!!

I can't help but share this video for my new hashtag #fitnessfriday.  Haha!!  I got super fond of watching Ashley Tishdale and Vanessa Hudgens bust out their moves to Beyonce's Run The World!!  Look at how they did justice to the steps, B would have been proud!!

Noticed their laughs in the end???  That's how dancing should be all about, having fun!!  Haha!! I super adore the moves and I can't help but remember my hiphop girls in this video!!  Every Wednesday night used to be my schedule for hiphop class in the gym and I used to dance with my hiphop sistahs, Lura, Careen and Ivy!!! :P  Because of my tutoring commitments, I have to sacrifice some of my gym time and we just have to catch up with each other through FB.  Last time, I took a leave and decided to join my girls, and as promised we agreed to have a photo.  Haha!!  So here are they, my co-frontliners in the hiphop class. :)

Pardon my errr all out smile, haha!!  I love these girls, they make hiphop classes more fun!!  Obviously, I've been out in the game for a long time that I didn't catch their telephatic signal to wear black.  Haha!!  I hope we can make a similar video in the future. :P  Been trying to mimic the steps and believe me, they ain't easy!! :))

Stay fit everyone! :)

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