Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Room Decors

Our house is ongoing renovation now.  I think it's a long overdue overhaul.  (Over, over!  Haha!)  I was somewhat half-hearted about this project initially as I didn't think it is the best way to go but I couldn't do anything as my brother insisted on it ( not to mention he's shelling out more money :P).  The house being as old as I am had a lot of defects already and it needs a major makeover that would take, as projected, a total of 6 months!!  0_0

I remembered when I was in senior high school, I often raid the bookstore and check architecture and interior design books with my friend/classmate Corinthia.  I knew designing is something that I considered doing in the future.  That interest was all the more heightened when our Elective 4 teacher asked us to do a circuit diagram of a one-storey house and it had me thinking about designing our own home.  It was just funny how I was caught by the wave of the ECE program while Corinthia pursued civil engineering.  Atleast she was closer.  :P

Now that this project is ongoing, I can't help but get a little involved in the design and somehow translate what was once a dream into reality.  While some deep excavation are ongoing now in our first floor for my brother's uhmm desire of a garage, I can't help but look at interior decorations in the web for some inspired looks.  And here are my compilations from different web sources.

Living room.  I may not have inherited this trait of them but my parents are just simple people.  :P  So my idea for our living room is this: simple and laidback.  The windows make for saving power during the day (have I mentioned they are frugal too? haha!)  as I know my mother likes it in profound tagalog, maaliwalas and presko.  When I visited Ayala's Westgrove Heights last 2009 (post here), I liked the idea of a high ceiling but I saw the proposal and that is not possible so I am opting for this one.  If I may just briefly mention it though, my original desire is a sunken living room using but once again that is not feasible.  Sad. :(

Staircase.  When I visited Vimanmek mansion in Bangkok and entered an exhibition hall of the king's photography, I realized how it's good for a family member to be involved in photography.  Haha!!  Vain na kung vain, but it's different capturing moments of you and your family members and having it displayed in print.  So yes, I'm not looking at the lattice geometric patterns but rather the photos (haha!!), positioning them by the stairs is a good idea. :)

Kitchen.   Some people can say that they can live in their kitchen, prolly because of the love for cooking.  I can't.  Haha!!  My mother is a Kapampangan (who are known for being good cooks) but she doesn't really have that good relationship with the craft.  :P  I think this one I definitely got from her.  :))  So, I think we'll just make amends on the dining area and here's what I will suggest to her. ;-)

Library.  This is a long shot I know but if I'm gonna have a walk-in closet in my room (dream on girl, lol!) then I have to have a library outside my room for my books. I super love this idea of a home library.  I know my father will like it too since we also have a lot of religious books in the house.  

Laundry.  I just can't help but share this.  Doing my laundry is one kind of a therapy for me.  And this machine just looks fab!!  Haha!!

Walk-in closet.  Aaaaah..I wish I could have enough space to have something like this.  If you'll see my current room's set-up, for sure all of you will agree and say "Yeah she really needs to have that."  Hahaha!!!

I'll tell about it more in the next posts. :)


Tisha said...

You can try sticking decals on your existing washing machine.:)

CaseyCakes said...

yeah!! thanks for the term decals. ;-)