Tuesday, December 08, 2009

1st Assignment: Westgrove Heights

1st assignment - it gives me such a kick! Hahaha!! I speak as though I’m some kind of a “pro” paid for this. Pardon me, that’s just the most conceited thing I’ve ever said. LOL! But anyways, I’m so glad about the feedbacks on the “pre-nup” pics Joy posted in her FB. A lot of people (two’s a company after all, lol!) inquired who’s responsible for the shots! Woohoo!!! I think I have a future in this field. And this – is just blaming on the camera. I shall take full credit once I’ve finished (I mean started) the photog classes. Hahaha!!! I kid, I kid.

Last weekend I was invited to Westgrove open house in Sta. Rosa Laguna to accompany Joy while Marvin does his usual client meetings but I think purportedly for being a prospect buyer?? *cough cough * Hahaha!! As a friend, I good-naturedly offered to promote the real estate in my blog as a humble help to them although not at all necessary. This has not that much reader but it’s the least I can do.

After making the offer, I was very pressured around Sunday night as to how to go on with the words. Should I make it formal or just free-flowing like I always use to. Haha!! I decided to go for the latter since factual wordings will just convert this into one of their websites. :D

Admittedly before meeting Marvs, I’ve absolutely no idea of what or where Westgrove is. I’m not a mover or a shaker in this society. Matter of fact, it was only recently that I learned that the Mega lives there. ^^ But having the name Ayala as owners of these, I prepared myself on what to expect.

Before lunch, we had the leisure time to tour the whole residential subdivision. The houses are collectively amazing (pics not allowed of course) and our topic inside the car consisted of praises for these structures and the pros and cons of each style – mainly the uphill, downhill and the flats. You see, I’ve never even given these things a thought should I ever own a future house and lot someday. Probably because I was used to seeing very limited residential area and houses built side by side in the metro. And it’s just so wonderful that with so much hectares of land available where you can build your house into, you have the freedom to design your abode in JUST the way you want it to be- amidst the hills and groves. Right? ^^

After the hearty lunch at the sports center, we were then led to view one of the model units. This is just my favorite part – not only because I was already allowed to take photos - but because the house is just simply beautiful.

My favorite part is the living room; I’m in love with it. Gone were the days when I was updated on what’s “in” when it comes to home designs – I used to have active interest on it when I would peruse architectural books when I was in senior years of high school – but apparently it’s the high-rise ceilings nowadays. Living room is just my favorite part of the house – maybe because it goes with my nature to share a good laugh with friends. ^^ When Marvin demonstrated to open one of the glass windows, I grew fond of it even more. It’s more than just having the feel of the outside breeze but to have an open-door policy! The feeling of security that you can just open your windows or doors at anytime is one of the things they guarantee here. (Grabe, bayad na dapat to! Hahaha!!)

On the other hand, Joy’s favorite seemed to be the kitchen because of her passion for cooking. ^^ This is the dining area:

At Westgrove, you’ll also find the amenities exceedingly pleasing. Just like the infinity pool here, my favorite amenity of all. Haha!!
And this area, where you can just go for a jog or a bike with a view of the sweeping expanse of groves, hills and valleys! Haha! When I said “pre-nup” pic, it’s because I used the lovey-doveys for most of my subject since this is all about having a real home and carefully planning out your future. Hihi. I hope I didn’t jinx anything. So happy for Joy, her future is already mapped out here. I shall have a friend here in the future. LOL!
And this is my most favorite photo of them:

It’s so thoughtful of Joy to have offered to take a photo of me – she simply knows who I am. Haha!! But for some reason, I was happily contented snapping away and staying behind the cam! Yay! Some alien has taken over me that’s just making me act abnormal that day – I hope that alien leaves from me in the future. HAHAHA!!
It was all news to me that day about the future projection that Nuvali - the new metropolis being developed by Ayala will be the next Makati of the South. It's fast-growing too with a lot of projects like building schools, road constructions etc. So as early as now, it's all a matter of choosing wisely and positioning your future. *smugs*

Another thing that I appreciate in Nuvali is their concept of Evoliving - a way of life that promotes intelligent and systematic care for the environment, enriches the community, and values its people. The koi feeding last time @ Nuvali is one of the many activities they offer and I really hope they could sustain it since it's quite open to the public. I enjoyed it so much.

There are three of the residential communities being developed are ABRIO, TREVEIA and Avida settings. If you're interested, please feel free to contact these persons below. They shall be happy to answer whatever you're inquiries or interests. :) See the sites below for more of pics.

Contact Persons:

Coco Midel: +63 917 580 2013

Marv Yan: +63 929 502 6765

Email: cocomarv.ayalaland@gmail.com

Website: http://cocomidel.com/ or http://cocomarvayalaland.multiply.com/

Til my next assignment, haha! Who says I can't do this??? LOL!! Even photographers/editors in Preview Magazines are given shoots you know! Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

How much do these homes sell for?

Nivek said...

I know you're reading so I'll leave a message for you. I got an email from Sony the other day saying that they are cutting over to all epub starting 12/11. They are also releasing a new PC/ Mac app.


Anonymous said...

Wil, are u the one asking?? I cannot answer for the home..price is per sq meter and if you're really interested I will hook you up with Marvin.. :)