Friday, December 11, 2009


Just a showcase of old photos from the web I saved in my folder. These shall offer a contrast in future posts you'll see in this blog.

Sarah Jessica Parker filming SATC2. Are you girls excited??? I AM! :P I just saw one of Carrie's shoes here, and I'm sooo hoping to get a similar one in the future. :P

Taylor Swift for Love Story. I know it's been a while but lately, I'm into some Jane Austen works namely Pride & Prejudice and the dress just reminds me of the book. I'm obsessing the movie as well (the one with Keira Knightley), the rain and the dawn scene with Mr. Darcy. Aaaah, Mr. Darcy. :P

Vanessa Hudgens. Uhmm, nothing much to say but the dress is fab. Ha! :D

I know I said I shouldn't buy this month but recently just acquired Black things in S. Clues are stones, shiny-shiny, see-throughs, sequins, stockings....Aargh! I hope I'll be able to post nice pics of them in the fu-cha! :P

Speaking of whites and blacks, I'm looking for things in this print: snow leopard. Haha!! I'm not over animal print yet. :P

So for some kwento, my back-up TC in SG told me one thing yesterday. He observed that all technical consultants of our company are SINGLE!!! And it's not single like we're all not married single. It's the single like everybody's-not-in-a-serious-relationship-and-most-are-workaholics-and-no-one's-expected-to-marry-like-in-a-year-or-so! YAY! I mean, there's one married guy in Hongkong who joined us early this year and resigned within the next month and there's another one from Indonesia who sadly died a month before his wedding. IT'S A CURSE!! SCARY! Yay! Haha! Meanwhile, the sales persons are all happily married. Perhaps I should make a move someday. Hmmm...

I'll give a preview of one of my black things in the future. Clue's Angelina's leather dress below. Boy, she can never do anything wrong with black!!

Gearing up for reunions and get-together with friends this month....^^

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