Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can't Smile Without You

For some one year or so, you'd see me frowning in most of my pics. LOL! Well, some of you can tell what's up from these photos but I'll elaborate in the future. For now, I will update you on some impromptu Friday happenings post gym. Well atleast for me, coz C & B prepared for it. I was just tagged along.
We had dinner at Capricciosa along Connecticut St. Sigh, what a face I have below. Had I known something's up I should've just brought the SLR and stayed well ba-hind it. Haha!

Smile KC, Ssmmmmmmmmiillllleeeeeeee!!!!

This time with the food and Brian. I had soup and barely finished my thin crust pizza.

Then we hopped on to Z Bar where most of the guys from Body Combat went to after the group exercise.

And I met these two cool guys from FF GH: Bats and Oli. We've been doing Body Jam classes for sometime now and were only able to get introduced to each other that night. Funny!

Perhaps, I would try doing Body Combat again in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, somebody from these 3 below got plastered at Z. B, C or K? Hahaha!!


Demi Lu said...

I like your blog!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Demi! thank you.. :)