Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Missed This!

Kong-GRA-chu-Ma-lations to Mykee!! Hahaha!!! He’s now promoted as a trainer in his company. At dahil jan, may “social life” na siya. No more graveyard shifts for him. Yahoo!! Our trio met up at Greenbelt 3 for some celebrations. =)

I know it’s not for me to say, but I think this is already one of those “light at the end of the tunnel” moments for him after being hit by the typhoon Ondoy last September. =( But let’s not talk about sad moments alright, I missed this guy and his repartees!

Take for example while waiting for Liz @ Greenbelt 3, I was discussing with him about my recently acquired braces and how I was worried that the dentist might actually extract some teeth to give up some space and coming to conclusion that it’s not really advantageous having a complete set at all, he can only come up with a witty retort saying:

“Ayaw mo nun, atleast present silang lahat. And, wala silang exam.”

Noticing the big question mark on my face, he then proceeded with the punchline:

“Hindi sila one seat apart!”

Hahaha!! Who won’t miss this guy?? LOL! My other friends always say that when laughter starts to set in, you can be assured that it’s because I already arrived but my sense of humor is NOTHING compared to Mykee’s! Haha!

When finally Liz arrived, we went to Greenbelt 5 to try Fely J’s.

It’s been our habit to try different desserts for each and I think everybody will remember the Tequila chocolate mousse cake dessert the most. Here it is taken by Liz in all its sugary chocolatey evilness!

After the lunch/dinner, I heard the most wonderful thing Liz said that night. That her travel time from the south is so not worth it if we're not going to extend. Haha! Missed this gurl! We went to Coffee Bean afterwards for more catching up. During which, Mike after coming from his last night shift, can barely make out anymore of our conversations.

Pix in Coffee Bean are mostly close-up, haha! And I'm not yet ready to expose my smiles, LOL! So I'll give you some of the blacks I got this month which I told you about two posts ago.

Black #1: Bib necklace with STONES from Girlshoppe. :P

Black # 2: Lace or See-Through Dress Tank Top from Warehouse.

This top just simply reminds me of the currently playing song in my blog by Sugababes,

♫♪ When I'm walking down the street they say,

"Hey Sexy!" ♫♪

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