Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Has got to stop. Thanks to my braces for helping me control my diet. LOL!

Monday post gym with Cathy & Oli at Chili's. So happy to announce that Lady Gaga's Bad Romance is now included in Retro class with actual steps from the music video! Cool!! ;) Btw, Oli's not doing Retro. He'd hate to be included with that word in one sentence. Hahaha!! Cathy is craving for some fajitas so we mixed it with their refillable nachos and just some mashed potatoes!! Excellent combination!

Cathy had to pretend it's her bday coz she's craving for their ice cream dessert. Haha!! And I like my smile here, yihee!! I'm gradually exposing my accessorized teeth! Hahaha!!

Tuesday @ Casa Armas, Podium. This is with my SG officemates so don't expect pictures. Haha!! I was just so glad coz there were a lot of them who traveled here this week for different meetings and purposes of course. But when they talk about the tttrrrrrraaaaaffffiiiccccccccc or nothing to do in the airport na, I cringe inwardly. Hay. :( I said talk, not complain, more of just stating what they experienced so it's not being tactless on their part. I just wish there would be some improvements like for example, the airport coz even I myself complain about it.

@ Casa Armas we had their Gambas, sardines, garlic mushrooms and sausages for starters and for the main course we had their yummy Paella which had no more room in my tummy by the time it was served. LOL!

Wednesday @ Malabon in my cousin's house. My aunts and uncles from Aklan and Nueva Ecija are visiting here bringing with them native food like sinigang na chicken and seafood from Aklan. I was a bit hesitant at first because I have to work-out but there has got to be a representative among the siblings since my two brothers were out. Besides, I was told my cousins would be there as well. They're NOT! Haha! But thankfully, my two cute nieces were there and basing from the pictures, they're grooming to become me in the future. One's already developing her singing skills in the KTV (Kaye in red below choosing her songs) and the other one has a knack for posing infront of my SLR (Zsa Zsa below).

Btw, what do you think of Betty in the upper rightmost? I like that shot I took. Like she's emoting, haha! She's so big na noh? (",)

And I'm sure there'll be nothing for this Thursday! Lord please. Haha!

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