Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lugang Cafe

Very classy.  I'm so impressed with the interiors of this new Taiwanese restaurant in Connecticut, Greenhills.  
Lugang Cafe interior
Its colossal door quite gives you an impression that you're entering an empire; the high ceiling is decorated with elegant chandeliers and the very posh purple velvet seats all screams "Sosyal" to me.  Haha!!  I was kidding Mely right after we parked (plus points for having a dedicated parking lot across the street) that we can just wash the dishes if the food is too pricey. :P
Mely and me after gym
For starters we ordered the Xiao Long Bao ('twas my first time to try), some Pineapple with Shrimp stuffed Crullers, Chicken Rice and Tapioca Milk Tea.  Xiao Long Bao is now my favorite, haha!  I'd say the ambiance can be intimidating but the price is just right for the quality of the food.  ;)
It was already late when we arrived (after gym around 9PM) so I wasn't able to explore the whole place.  I saw that the guests are given the chance to observe how the Xiao Long Baos are prepared.  Plus after studying their menus, there are still a lot of delicious drinks, dishes and desserts to try so I must definitely come back here. :D

Wearing my "tinker bell" dress from M&S. :P

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