Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coron Day 2 - Twin Lagoon/ Lusong Shipwreck

One crazy thing I did at Twin Lagoon was: (click on the photo if the .gif is not working ;)

It was so fun, I did it quite a few times.  Haha!  Take for example Herbert's dive below, it wouldn't take someone with half a brain cell that his touchdown was ..................

OUCH!!! Hahahaha!! "Plakda" is how we call it in Tagalog.  :))
Until eventually the other two followed suit and they complained in the photo below:
I mean, come on, is it supposed to be my fault I was the one nearest the camera? =))

Moving on, the two lagoons are separated by a wall of rock wherein if it is low tide you can swim through it or dive through the tunnel otherwise.  It was high tide then when we reached the place and it became quite a challenge for me knowing that I'm not that capable of holding my breath for long nor swim very quickly.  Sure enough, I resurfaced just before I fully reach the other side but good thing is, I was already halfway through it.  My lower back hit the rocks!  Until now, I cringe at the very thought of what if I never made it.  Yays!  In all fairness everybody advised me to take the stairs if I wasn't sure but I can be quite strong-headed at times. :P  I did ask Bert and Bong though to wait for me at the other side.  :P

Another equally momentous (haha!) achievement is being able to swim through the lagoon without any snorkel tube. :P  I refused to use it because of my braces.  Bong said he couldn't do it but no worries, I'm used to huffing and puffing the entire time in the gym.  LOL!  I didn't have this kind of photo though,
I mean not the "face-mukhang-ewan" type but the one with that beautiful backdrop. Tsk!
I tried Bong's fins.  It's much easier to use than the ones I rented.  I really have to find one in pink.  Haha!

Stopped by a nondescript island for lunch which is grilled fish from what Joan/ Bong / Bert bought from the market.  Eating that with its parter dip (mix of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and chili) in bare hands is the best.  Cowboy style.  But friends selling you off to foreigners to the next "kubo" is not the best.  Uuugh!  We were able to catch some zzzzzsss (thanks to the lulling sound of the waves in the shore) so that in the afternoon we had some more energy for more snorkeling.  This time was in Lusong shipwreck.  It was a Japanese ship that sank during the WWII and it was very shallow you do not need scuba diving to see it.  The thing is, the very thought of getting near it sends shivers down my spine.  I imagine a lot of things that's why most of the time I stayed very well away from it.  I'd rather take the snorkeling with sea urchins thank you very much.  Haha!
For dinner, Joan cooked pritong pusit (yum!), danggit (yum yum!!) and prepared ensaladang mangga (yum, yum, yum!!!).  Hahaha!!  Now go figure why I was so fat in Bora! LOL!

Our lady company for the night was Marga (rita).  Thank goodness for my dishwashing job after dinner, I have an excuse not to finish the entire glass.  LOL!

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