Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday Firsts (Cyma/ CAV/ Republiq)

Opa!  It's kind of startling when you hear the waiters shout this word at this restaurant but it was fun!  Haha!  It was all our first time in there and we were joking around whenever we hear it.  Hahaha!  As for me I feel like singing after, uno dos tres un pasito pa'delante Maria.  Hahaha!! :))

Jeez, it was a dead giveaway then to all other customers that it's the Makati girls' first Greek cuisine ever. :P  I've been hearing really good feedback on this restau and it was high time that I try it with the girls.  Since this is all my "pakana", I had to do the reservation and arrive on time and get to order the dishes first.  I picked their Spinach and artichoke fondue for starters, got intrigued by the Chicken gyro and opted for the Roka Pasta.  Then decided to let them order once they arrive if it's not yet enough.
Aryan enjoyed the Roka pasta and for me I would have love to chow down that huge chicken gyro but I wouldn't have that room for the other food.  :P  The additional Greek roasted potatoes on the side are FTW!! :D

Another reason for the get-together is Liz's upcoming business trip to Oz.  She will definitely be missed not only by us but by this guy also, TJ.  Yiheeeee!!! :D  FINALLY!!!!
Unfortunately, Joy wasn't able to come and because of that, she's our topic when TJ left to render overtime at work. :P

Their Skolatina dessert looks very tempting but it takes 30 mins to prepare so we had to let it go.  Also from the reviews, there is a very famous salad which we we were not able to  try that's why again, must come back.  Haha! 

Recently, I found myself bumping into a lot of acquaintances.  What's up with that??  Last Friday, it was my ex's mom!  Forget the ex, his mom is someone I would rather look presentable to than him.  LOL!  And "tita's" comments did not disappoint.  :P  Anyway, after separating with the girls, I found myself transported into this place:

It's CAV Wine Bar and Cafe in Boni Hi Street, another first for me.  Uhmm, let's just call this half-Turkish girl a "new friend" of mine and she asked me to be the third wheel on her date.  He said the guy's rich.  And when a sumptuous Range Rover picked us up in Makati, I thought that was quite an understatement.  Even more so when the guy arrived in his yellow Porsche parked bang infront of the wine shop.  And in a few minutes, I was face to face and air-kissing with one of the wealthiest businessmen in the Phils.  Yays.  Anyway, their smoked salmon tart is amazing!  I believe it would've been best with a wine but too bad I don't have the taste buds for it.  The photo above is their wine vending machine.  Looks fun for wine lovers. :P

At 1:30 AM, I was transported back to Greenbelt to meet up with my brother and his friends.  And another hour passed, I found myself here:

REPUBLIQ!!! The newest happening place for party-goers!  Got myself introduced to a few beautiful people and partied 'til 4AM!  Aaargh!!  Now if only I didn't wear those blue pumps, I almost walked barefoot in the parking lot.  Ouch! :(

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