Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coron Day 3 - Malcapuya Beach

While waiting for Bong and Joan who bought our food for the day from the wet market, I had my pictorial by the boat station. :P

Our first island for the day was Malcapuya Beach.  In FB, my friends suggested Banana Island but according to Jolo (our extra company for the day), this beach is even better.  And since we're obedient kids, we gave it a go! :)
This beach is perfect for just lazing around.  It has lots of tents and hammocks in it.  The sky was so gloomy by the time we arrived around 10 AM much to disappointment of Randolph who couldn't get a new wallpaper for his phone.  Hehe. :P  What we have though is a caught in the act "kulitan" photo that broke one of the hammocks.  Sssshhh! :))

It's also perfect for meditating, LOLs!

I will never forget that I almost drowned during swimming in this island because of the strong waves.  :P  And when we finally decided to come up out of the water, there was an acid rain!  LOL!

Actually that morning I received quite a number of warnings from friends thru text messages to be careful about the acid rain due to a nuclear plant explosion in Japan.  True enough, it rained and we all stayed very well under our tent while having our lunch - grilled parrot fish.  Not to be paranoid but, who would've thought it would rain that day?  Better safe than sorry. :P

Around 1 PM when we decided to leave the place coincided with the time when Mr. Sun had to come up.  XD
There was also a viewing deck from here but we didn't have time since we wanna explore more islands before we leave tomorrow.  Kasi naman, yung acid rain!  LOLs!

We had to exit on the rear side of the beach (I believe the reason is to preserve its beauty) where you would see lots of cashew plants.  It's about 3 to 5 mins trek from the beach.  And off we went to our next destination,
Barracuda Lake!  My favorite by far.  Why?  There are lots of cute foreigners in here.  HAHAHA!!! :))

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