Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coron Day 3 - Barracuda Lake

Barracuda lake, I’m fast learning while we’re on the way is a diver’s site.  They come here I think for the introductory course or something.  And this guy going up is my crush.  Ssssshhh!!  Hahahaa!!!! =))
Que gwapo! :P  We clambered over the rocks to find a very peaceful and picturesque lake.  Aaaaah…..

As soon as the divers went all the way down, I started jumping again and again at the lake.  Haha!!  I swam father away to this huge rock below where I took the photo to rest and after a few minutes everybody got startled with my screaming.  Eskandalosa!!  Haha!! Jeez, it’s so embarrassing.  The divers 10 to 13m below could’ve heard me. Haha!!
Err, it’s because of this resident crustacean on the rocks.  I felt like something is in my legs and there was that little thingy climbing in it.  And I shrieked like it was a cockroach or something.  Jeeezzz!!!  Haha!!  I actually don’t like the looks of the limestone in the water here, the black shells in it looks a bit yucky.  Hehe. :P
My other friend explorers Bert, Bong and Joan (complete in their suit) swam further away to the other side.  Bert advised me not to come along coz I didn’t have the tube and the fins.  They find it hard for me.  I remembered the scene a while ago at Malcapuya (where I almost drowned) so I very well stayed by that side (in the photo above) swimming only back and forth to talk to Randolph who remained at the entrance area as well.  Hmmmp.  XD

And with the help of our guide Jolo, took these photos below. ;)  The limestone underneath is beautiful.

A few more minutes when I find myself already bored, I mustered up the courage to swam to that unseen other side.  I know I can do it.  I just have to find a company and Jolo was willing to do it.  and when I was about to, he started regaling me with the story of the resident barracuda in that lake (only small ones according to him) and how he saw some clips in Youtube on how that fish can slice a person into half.  WOW, very nice timing Jolo, I must say.  Those were some very inspiring words.  And of course within a few seconds, I backed out.  Hahaha!!!

Bert and the gang took their jolly time swimming so I in turn just waited for my crush to come up from the dive.  Hahaha!!

Just now I saw an underwater video of a dive in Barracuda Lake and wow, it was just so amazing underneath.  It makes me really want to learn scuba diving.  Sigh.  You can see from the video here there’s like a separation of the water that makes you think like there’s oil in it or something.  We also saw this in the Twin Lagoon, it is actually a divide between the hot and cold water.  Cool!  And in the video, they were playing with the crustaceans I got scared of and they’re very safe.  Jeez! I’m such a freak! Haha!

I may have not explored Barracuda Lake that much but it kind of left us in an entranced state.  Again, we were the last group to leave.  Most of the drivers left already when we went back to the boat.  This is the view to the entrance, beautiful isn’t it?
Sadly, that caps off our stay at Coron.  There were still a lot of islands left unexplored.  Sigh, 3 days isn’t really enough.  There is still a zoo with an island, Cayangan Lake, Culion and many more.  The Philippines is such a beautiful place. :)

For dinner, we went to Coron Bistro and you must try their Margarita Pizza.  Scrumptious!! 

Coron, you definitely blew me away!  I will be back.  Pinky swear. ;)

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