Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ways to Wear: Chambray

Needless to say, I was extremely bored during the last holidays.  I was supposed to go somewhere with Joy but unfortunately she got sick and can't make it.  And so I played around with this blue denim top I got from Dorothy Perkins and toyed with it and my camera.  Phhhbbt! XD

The color is so light almost chambray but I learned that the word meant an entire different clothing so let me just add it up to my rusty thesaurus. :P

1) With a pleated dress

pleated dress from GH; belt from Dorothy Perkins; shoes from Aldo
2)  With a maxi floral skirt:

wide belt and maxi skirt from Dorothy Perkins; shoes from Aldo; hat from Mint
3)  With a bandage skirt:

mini skirt from Topshop; shoes from New Look (SG)
4)  With high-waisted shorts:

high-waisted shorts from Zara; wedges from New Look (SG)
5)  With wide-legged jeans:

belt and wide-legged jeans from Dorothy Perkins; shoes from Aldo
For me, the best thing I saw how it was worn was from Blake Lively below:

So posh and sparkly right??  I was almost impressed with her style when I saw this around November last year but when I searched the photo again this morning, I was informed that it was inspired from a runway.  :P

Oh, apart from this I was also able to do a movie marathon (mostly Jolie flicks) and it has been a while since I last watched any movies (not only at the cinemas, but at home too).  I hope y'all had a meaningful and relaxing holiday. :)

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