Friday, February 25, 2011

20-20 No More!

Take care of your eyes people!  I just lost my perfect vision last month.  :(  I could only blame it to too much work.  LOL!

But honestly, this is so sad.  I was so confident that I wouldn't lose it at this age.  I did not take preventive measures.  Well, I saw some signs last year like blurred vision for distant objects but dismissed it and thought that it was just due to exhaustion in the gym.  (Coz, I always notice it whenever I'm in the gym.)  Actually I didn't like totally dismiss it, err I took these tablets that promise to give your eyes some extra Lutein.  Gosh, why did I let myself be fooled by these advertising?  LOL!  And after checking with an opthhalmologist/ optometrist (I just googled the difference, lol!), I was diagnosed positive with myopia or near-sightedness. =(

Sigh.  Even if I can see use my laptop perfectly, I feel uncomfortable without the aid of glasses thinking that it could worsen my eye condition.  So the next day, I went specs-frame hunting.  Initially, I alreay have the design in mind - a cats eye frame.  So posh, lol!  But for all the available brands out there in optical shops (which came to me as a surprise!), I couldn't find a decent one for my liking.  Hmpf!  And can I just say how I find them soooo expensive?  What's with all these frames?  You have to pay for the lens separately.  LOL! 

Funny before you often see me wearing specs just for fashion purposes. :P  Or just for fun.  Remember my Ugly Betty pic?  LOL!  But now, even with the real need of wearing specs, somehow I don't wanna be seen in public using it.  Strange noh? 

For the meantime, I am trying some red specs just to deviate from the common black.  Probably if I find some real nice cats-eye, you'll see me wearing it in public.  LOL!

I don't wanna call it an opportunity because you see I've always been "maarte" and all but I resisted wearing contact lens before just for the fun of it.  There was even one time my friend Chek gave me a design that could enhance/open your eyes but I didn't use it.  I don't know, I just think that my eyes are too delicate for that.  But eyeglasses can be uncomfortable if worn at a long time you know so buying contact lens is now inevitable.

I never thought the day would come.  But there I was wearing my first ever contact lens.  I had to laugh at the reaction of the saleslady when I asked for directions on how to wear 'em coz she was expecting I'm already an expert on these things.  Maybe she judged by the way I look.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Anyways, contacts are still uncomfy to use.  Aaargh!  Good thing my vision is really not that worse.  Both eyes haven't reached the 100 grade yet so I'm still super careful.  In the end, I realized I want my perfect vision back.  :((  This is really uncomfortable. 

I know of a friend who underwent laser eye surgery.  But that one costs a fortune.   Waaaaaaahh!!! :((  How?????????????


Anonymous said...

Pfft.. if only I knew you needed glasses deng.. I had some old very stylish rims I haven't used in years.. One was Armani, and the other was Hugo Boss..

Threw them in the garbage cause I stopped wearing glasses lol.. I bought em for style (thick frame not thin frame), but I got tired of getting blurry lol.



I'm debating on moving.. I'm really looking for a big change, and I'm thinking of moving to Vancouver British Columbia. I need a change, and Toronto is starting to lose it's luster on me..

Tisha said...

200 grado ko but I hardly ever wear glasses (only when I drive...which I haven't done in ages) or contacts (tamad--I normally only wear them when I have a very very important game...or when I went to see Kobe live. Haha). So you can most certainly survive without them. Haha. BI.

CaseyCakes said...

Wil, are u considering moving w/ ur gf? Hehehe..

Bilhan mo na lang ako ng cats eye jan sa Toronto. LOL!

Hi Tish, I knew it. May grade na din eyes mo. Hehe. But 200 w/o the specs? Aren't you worried it's gonna get worse?? :-|

Tisha said...

Nope. Strangely, it's gotten better. Last checkup, it was 100 na lang daw. Sabi pa nung girl, "Ma'am sigurado kayong 200? Baka naman in-add niyo yung dalawang mata?" I probably had a look of incredulity on my face when she asked me that. Haha. I manage. My husband probably gets annoyed when we watch basketball games on TV and I keep asking him the score though.:p

CaseyCakes said...

Haha! Siguro nakatikim ng comment sakin yung girl if I was told that. :)) But thank you for this. It means may chance tlagang bumaba you're the second person to tell me that. Yes! Kaya lang I don't know how basta avoid puyat lang and babad sa pc. :P

Nivek said...

I think you're the same as me. I can't see distance but I can see fine for my laptop/ iPad/ reading. In fact I get a headache if I wear glasses then.

I hear that laser surgery will just reverse your condition and make your nearsighted-ness into farsighted.