Tuesday, March 01, 2011

And MARCH Has Begun!

After 5 loooooooong years of working at Canada, our good friend way back from college Herbert is home for the summer!!!

Bert's aunt, Me, Herbert and Randolph @ Mann Hann
Nothing changed.  Haha!  He's still the cap and collared shirt type of guy I know of.  LOL!  But then again what was I expecting?  Hahaha!!  Welcome back Herbert!!!  We missed yew! :D

And the reason why my March will be busy??  The kaladkarins are gonna visit all these three in the next weeks!!!!  Yays!!!
CORON, Palawan

and lastly,  Herbert's own family resort.  Our private sanctum at Pagbilao, Quezon!

Me & Joyce
I was rooting for the photos and I can't bloody believe that it was February of '08 since we last went there!!  Check it out in my post here.  Wow, it's been 3 years!!!  It's high time that we come back!

Hahaha!!  You can say how much Bert missed Pinas!  LOL!  While its freezing out there back in Canada, he's gonna get a tan here aside from his surname.  Hehe.  :P

And oh yeah, my first time to take a looooooooong leave for work.  Hope everything turns out alright.  :-|  So you see, I'm not sure either how I'm gonna squeeze in a business travel.  Yays!

Bahala na, LOL!  Just enjoy na lang! :D


Tisha said...

Ooh Coron! My husband and I have been wanting to go. Where are you staying? And is it OK to go just to chill, and not to go diving or snorkeling (not a fan. Ironic since I have a diving instructor-cousin and come from a family of divers. As in my whole clan dives!).

CaseyCakes said...

Hmm my friends worked out the lodging and everything coz I'm too preoccupied to even check, haha!! I don't know I think some island hopping would be fun and I was told that their underwater is really good for snorkeling. Kasi I think the lodging is quite far pa from the beaches so wala yata activity if you're just gonna chill in your place. Wow, I wanna enroll in scuba diving but its too expensive, sana ako na lang pinsan nila. Hahaha!!