Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OMA :)

My favorite Japanese restau now: Omakase! :)

Basically all their food are yummy!!! Hahaha!!  And the price is quite reasonable too! ;-)

Aspara-beef roll; Salmon sashimi; Mt Fuji Roll

Gosh, if only I could have all their rolls! LOLs!  Recently, I'm having problems sleeping and I read from a Yahoo post that Miso/ Egg/ Milk/ Almonds etc can help solve this so aside from the above, we both ordered Miso soup.  Hope it helps. #Cyberchondria  Hahaha!!

Mely and Me :)
♫♪ It's Mely and me tonight.  ♫♪  Ayy, penny pala yun!  Hahaha!!  Meet Mely one of my now closest friends in the gym during Retro. :)

I'm thankful that despite the "issue" (read My 10 of 2010 Item #1 if you're not aware), there are still people whom I can trust in the gym.  Some friends may have gone but it's true - When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.  Wala lang, that's the nearest quote I can think of.  Hahaha!!  Haven't you noticed I've been producing, err I mean "quoting" a lot recently.  Blame it on twitter.  LOLs!


Nivek said...

Good that you like Sushi rolls and Japanese food. Then we can eat Japanese together when you come to Cali.

CaseyCakes said...

thanks! sure, as long as your treat!;)

Nivek said...

Of course. It would be my pleasure to treat a pretty girl for sushi.

Sara and Emma said...

love sushi!
xx from Sweden
/Sara and Emma

CaseyCakes said...

Thank u Kev!

Hi Sara & Emma, thanks for dropping by! Will visit ur blog soon! :)