Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Single Diaries: Aryan Princess

He calls me Ms. Private. It’s because when asked if he could add me up in Facebook, I told him he wouldn’t be able to find me because of my privacy settings. LOLs! Five minutes well into the conversation and he hasn’t asked my name yet. I also haven’t found out his race too. Those crazy long eyelashes are somehow giving me some hint, but I wanna confirm it.

The first meeting was nothing special. There were no pick-up lines used.  It all just started with one look. I knew that look. To the uninitiated, it might just be a benign meeting of the eyes. But to me it seems there was a lot of stuffs going on. I was able to prove it when once inside the class; he offered to give me his weights. A polite “Thank you” was the very first set of words I uttered to him. Further credence to my hunch was added when he positioned himself behind me in the Body Pump class. I had to leave before the last three minutes of the class to freshen myself up for the next exercise. So I left the room and when I made a last glimpse, I saw him searching for someone. Oh well, I thought to myself, if he was really interested he’d talk to me the next week. Now four days have passed and I found myself sitting beside him waiting for this another night class. Usually, the earlier class finishes 5 minutes late but it looks like it’s not gonna end in the next 10 minutes or so. Hmmm…

I’m not big on signs or anything but it’s as if something conspires so I try to make use of the time to ferret out information from him. I tried not to give away how impressed I am when he learned that he is doing a postgraduate studies on orthodontics in UP. Coz I’m still smarting from the said university’s offer to me to enroll only on my second choice of program. XD Anyways, I still believe my Alma Mater is still the best when it comes to engineering. And I’m sure, the said university had its regrets when come April 2004 the result of the licensure examination came out and they won’t be able to claim the glory of producing a certain topnotcher named Ms. Pelayo. Boo hoo. Hahaha!!! Anyway I digress.

Before I got reminded again to stop smiling broadly in the conversations, there he was taking in details of my brackets and subtly offering the opinion that I need to retain it for atleast three more months. Now I was puzzled how I was gonna explain this thing to my dentist. XD The very thought of transferring to him though is a big no-no because I’m not comfortable presenting myself in my ugliest state to him (aka mouth wide-opened for teeth inspection. Yikes!!). Hahaha!!! I will never ever have a man for a dentist.

My only gripe is his hesitation to learn the local language. He said we Filipinos speak English anyways. I know in his school he’s surrounded by intellectuals but still, it’s a crime not to understand the language of the place you now considered your home for 3 years!! This is the reason why I try to atleast learn the local Hello or Thank You for the places I’m going at. I don’t know, it’s being polite for me. :-|

What’s worst is that in 3 years, he hasn’t been to any famous beach destinations yet.  This is once again a violation to the inner wanderlust in me. :P Well he explained that the school turned him into a nerd, maintaining scholarships and so on. He then asked maybe I can offer help on the above two points. Hmmm……

I hate how he asked why I wasn’t into any relationship as of now because honestly, how are you going to explain that?? Haha!! Or maybe it was his way of flattering by dumping compliments left and right. * roll eyes * And before my class started, he was able to made me say yes for a dinner. How did that just happen?????

I try not to think its because his face reminds me of a famous vampire in the name of Edward. So much for being on team Jacob huh? Oh and before I forget, he is once again a Persian! :P

P.S. Friend was kidding me, I could go to their country and be a real princess. LOLs!

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