Thursday, January 13, 2011

JKT Day3a: Purported Last Day

Certain that we’d miss the pool for our last day; we decided to do one last swim in that Monday morning since our flight is yet in midnight. Once at the pool in the 10th floor, Joy all of a sudden had this strike of inspiration in her that it’s a beautiful day for a photoshoot. So Lisa and I both asked her to fetch the cameras back at the 19th while we stay in the pool. She did! LOLs. For the love of photos, and you call me a cam whore?? =))

Anyway, her effort didn’t go to waste, as I was able to produce one nice shot for her.  Yes, we're not yet over with our Kaftan dresses.

Joy candid
With a guy in the background who looked like someone’s someone from the past. Who among the girls? That one I’m not at liberty to tell. :P Wow, this pool is really good for uhmm stalking, observing people from the apartment. Haha!!

I also have a favorite shot of Lisa’s but I don’t think she’d allow me to post it here. But suffice it to say, we all have our “each one to his own” moments. Simply translated, kanya-kanyang emote! Hahaha!!!

From the pool, we move to the jacuzzi area so we can have more stalking moments. LOL! There were even some “dares” that transpired to actually talk to the guy in question. Hahaha!! And what a shock to know he was a Filipino. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Good thing we were talking about him from afar. Hahaha!!! Actually, it was the fault of the “echoserong” guard, he was super friendly to us (all because we had to ask him repeatedly for group photos, nyahaha!!) that he introduced “the girl in dare” to the guy. Haha!

Before we get out of the water, I wasn’t just able to resist doing some laps in the pool. It was just too cold for the last nights that we were swimming so this time of the day was perfect. But the pool was just too HUGE I was able to do only one lap. Hehehe. :P

For the late lunch, we picked Plaza Indonesia.  Wow, that's all there is in this trip huh?  Two malls and a pool.  Hahaha!!  Cheapskates because we still have pasalubong to buy, we went to the food court where I chose a Singaporean noodle and the two girls their fave Nasi Goreng.  It was high time for me to observe a regular mall in Jakarta on a weekday, Monday. 

You see I have this colleague who grew up from Jakarta who always finds it amazing that there are always a lot of people in our local malls here.  To me his observation was strange because it's a regular scene for me.  Seeing a few people out there in P.I., I finally understood where he's coming from.  Anyway what I always tell him is that some Pinoys just linger in the mall for the air-conditioning.  LOL! :))

While we were having our Indonesian dessert below, something strange happened.  Joy asked for the wi-fi password for the food outlet.

The thing was rather fortuitous.  You see, we may be heavy Internet users but we just always rely on whatever's available.  Joy can be a walking wi-fi actually, she has this feature on her HTC phone to share data usage which we have done for sometime.  But having a hint on her line's bill, she just tried asking for the access which gave me the chance to check my FB account and see this message from my brother.  About what?? 

Our cancelled flight!!!  So this is us when we learned the news,

At Plaza Indonesia's food court upon hearing the news

Think Mt. Merapi giving us a lesson for not exploring Jakarta.  LOL!!!


Nivek said...

Glad that you're a self-professed cam whore. I've never been to most of the places you visit so I always appreciate seeing a nice shot of Lisa or you.

Are you familiar with the term doppelgänger? I've been on a few dates with this girl who is the doppelgänger for Lisa even though she is Korean. Wonder what this means? After all, you're the expert :)

CaseyCakes said...

Thanks again Kev!

Yes I'm familiar w/ the term. Wow, looks like Lisa is your type. ;) Maybe you should visit here and go out for a date w/ her. :P

Nivek said...

Have you found your doppelgänger?

CaseyCakes said...

A friend of mine in Singapore told me she found someone who really looks like me.. :)