Thursday, January 20, 2011

And I Will Never Buy Shoes Again :))

Buying cheap shoes is a false economy. A statement I don’t really believe in but they were my thoughts exactly while I was doing my purchase. Haha!!

Meet my TB Reva flats, my most expensive shoes yet to date. Yay!!! :))

After loooooooooooong months of pondering, vacillating and vacillating while inside their shop in GB5 that ended me up buying other things (handcuffs and jelly slip-ons case in point, lol!). So, if until now I feel that I haven’t made full use of my pink jellies, then uhmm I resolve that for this year all outfit will revolve only on that shoes! Hahaha!!! Take for example my Singapore trip next week, I promise will try my best to “Wearing this, wearing only this.” Hahahaha!!

I’ve worn them once, paired with dress worn in post below in Omakase, and they’re űber-comfy. :) The color is not that hard to pair up with (though recently they just released flats in different colors I had to turn my eyes away from them and willed myself not to ask for my size, haha!!) so I’ve mentally arranged my wardrobe around this. Hehe.

But just so my other shoes won't feel like they're not loved at all, uhmm I decided to bring another one for my HK weekend getaway. :))  So excited! Won't you freakin' hurry up weekend! :P

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