Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Single Diaries: The LIST (Them Foreign Men) Part 2

(continuation of last post..)

The Turkish.  You didn’t quite expect this, did you? Silly me, I was saving the story for the right time. A.K.A, the time we meet. LOL! The first meeting, err I mean online, wasn’t pleasant at all. It wasn’t thru chat as you initially thought it would be. ‘Twas thru one of those online personality assessment tool which I tried and posted in this blog (for lack of something to update this website with, lol!). Apparently you have to create an account for your personality to be assessed after which it will display some members who showed similar results as yours. So this guy saw mine and direct messaged me. WRONG TIMING!!

Yes, when I read it, it was all polite and friendly. But I dunno, during that time I was still raw with another foreign guy who sent me a message in Friendster that from there on I had to change my access settings. I’ve never felt so harassed in my life with that lewd message!! So when I messaged the Turkish back I gave him my sternest words saying if this “wonder about Filipino culture” thing he mentioned is some pretext to some lascivious intentions then he better think twice.

Oh boy, that scared the sh*t out of him. LOL! But as it turns out, his intentions are genuine. Oopsie, false alarm. LOL!!

He was the first person who introduced me to Facebook (as Friendster were still the “in” that time) and likewise with Friendster to him. LOL! Thru chat, we discovered we have a lot of things in common (seafood, party, travel, etc.). He’s an aspiring director and I can’t forget this one time he consulted me about getting inked on his favorite movie. I didn’t like it but I didn’t insist on it. After all, why would he listen to some girl from a faraway continent right? I explained the reason why so I said he could still go for it. Then he said, he values my opinion. Awww……

Eventually, the chat escalated to uhmm texting. But not in an obsessive kind of way, duh it’s international! Just from time to time and not regular. But it didn’t become us. A what???????? Hahaha!!! You know in Tagalog when people say, “Kami na” to declare a boy and girl is off the market? Well, translate it in English, “It’s us already.” Wahaha!!! So what I’m saying is, hindi naging kami. Ang labo!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!! Or if you want it dramatically translated like from a movie which I forgot the title, “There was never an us”. Nyahaha!!!

You know before we had grand plans if we finally meet. It was mapped based on what we both love to do. But somewhere along the way, we lost touch. He had a girlfriend but we still keep in touch thru FB and twitter. Of course, everybody in this world except for me, doesn’t stay single for a long time. LOL!! At times I can’t help but smile when he tweets “How are you baby?” (Tweet, not direct message!!!). Not that we call each other baby back then. He was just being sweet of course.

He is also aware of my passion for traveling. One time he told me when am I going to visit Turkey coz he dreamt of me sleeping in his sister’s room. Wow, I wish dreams do come true! I’d love to see Turkey. He said his place (Izmir) is just a boat away from that Mamma Mia’s setting in Greece – a dream destination!!! Who knows someday we’ll meet? (#Nowplaying Two old friends…who meet!) Actually, change that. Make it just like what we planned before since he’d also love to see Asia. (#Nowplaying Meet Me Halfway…..right in the corner that’s where I’ gonna wait for you….) Awww…

The Thai.  Sorry that I had to include him here because of that one date in BKK. But we still talk of course since we work for the same company. Hmm, once in a while I still get invitation from him to go somewhere, HK case in point. To which someone reacted in Twitter exaggeratedly as if the invite came with a free roundtrip ticket and accommodation. Of course it’s not like that. There are girls who’re worthy of these treatments and there are girls who aren’t. I’m afraid I was more of the latter. Besides, accepting like these is quite scary. They often come with a price.

Well, won’t keep this long as a full blog was written on this here. It was also a very recent happening so no need to elaborate further.

The Persian.  Admit it, you were eager to wait for the “deets” on how the date went right? Oh come on, hahaha!!! Okay, so I did some Google search and the only thing I got is this from urban dictionary.

Persian men are stereotyped as hairy, rich, long eyelashes, wears too much cologne, good grades, amazing at soccer, often mistaken to be Italian (sometimes taking advantage of this), and enormously faithful.

I liked that enormously faithful part. * wink * After which I was like okay, sod it. Why don’t just get to know the guy in person right??

So the next day before we hit the gym he decided we have some refreshments first at Red Mango (w/c earned him plus points, it being my favorite fro-yo) and there I was with my fancy specs on grilling him with questions from the opposite seat. When I caught sight of our reflection, gosh I looked like a principal interviewing a student. Hahaha!!!

The attraction with Persian guy was intense. Deadly. I didn’t know what he put in my fro-yo that time, lol!! But it was all I could do to float all day at work despite issues and rush to the gym at night to see him. It was crazy.

Maybe it was his way with words. Coz I’ve practically heard from him everything that I’d imagined fantasized a guy would ever tell me. No, not through inflectionless text messages mind you but it was right there issuing out from his lips. At one time I almost felt the ground wobble beneath me when he said, “To my eyes, you are perfect.” Sheeesh.

Ever since the Prince of Persia blog about him, the girls would often tease me and call me a princess. Err sorry for that not so apropos title, it was lame I just couldn’t think of anything. :P To which at that same day he asked thru SMS how “his princess” is doing. LOL!! Mental telepathy eh?? =))

Or maybe it was the way he makes me laugh. I don’t know, I really don’t know. And so sorry if you set your hopes up high but the update here is that, it is over. LOL!! The getting to know each other didn’t even escalate further before it was declared ovah! Haha!! Goodness, the whole thing didn’t even last a week!! The misunderstanding arose before our Jakarta trip and I was glad for the timing. Today we still see each other in the gym, say hi and hellos and talk sometime. But I think it’ll just end there.

Whew. Haha!!

Were you hoping on some Korean? Tsk, tsk. Actually, there should be. Only if I had made it when a friend invited me to where Rain is staying at during his concert here. I know we had a chance. Hahaha!!! Okay that’s me dreaming. Hope you enjoyed reading. Ttfn.

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