Monday, November 29, 2010

The Single Diaries: The LIST (Them Foreign Men) Part 1

Every girl has her “list”. You know this one. For others it would have been their boyfriends. But since y’all know that I only have a whopping ONE, ISA, UNO in my life, I sort of re-created this list just so I can have one. Hahaha!! Hence these men are uncategorized coz they can’t be generalized into suitors, not even flings or what. Maybe you can help define the term after reading them??

There was just an instance that prompted me to think of them (will probably blog in the future under The Single Diaries also). This list will be filtered because I sort of categorized this one to them foreign men. It didn’t help that last week a friend of mine in SG dreamt of me with an American boyfriend. That and the fact that I also most of the times dream of having foreign guys as bfs only strengthened my hunch that I’m bound to end up with a foreign guy eventually. I don’t know, just a gut feel. But anyway let me proceed with my list, this is in chronological order and the Filipino ones were purposely removed.

The Chinese. The first suitor I had in the sixth grade. Okay this one is definable because he did express his intentions. Even at that age, I couldn’t believe I’d have one because I dunno, maybe I was too young?? And I know I was really in school to study. His name is Michael. He couldn’t even speak Tagalog very well so he used to ask my help for assignments ever since we were in the fourth grade.

I didn’t see it coming actually but I did notice him drifting away for some time. I still remember one time we were having lunch at a restaurant when his closest guy friend told me that he’s gonna give something to me later in the class. It was a silver bracelet, not a fancy one, which I think, costs a lot that time and which lo and behold, I had to lose at that very same day!! Yes, because reckless doesn't sound equivalent enough for my liking, I was BURARA like that!

Back then I have this reflex to this situation and I don’t know why I was like that. Was being the operative word. Whenever some guy would confess to me, I sort of get uncomfy with them. “Ilang” is how we call this in Tagalog so I intend to avoid them or don’t want them around. Anyway, I was glad it happened some months before we graduated and I had to transfer school for high school.

I did cross paths with him after four years. It was the only time I noticed that he actually is a handsome guy (wahaha!!) and I started questioning myself why didn’t I develop a crush for him back then. I mean, a mild crush is tolerable even if you’re all set for studies right? Well either that, or I still wasn’t a shallow individual who likes good-looking guys back then was the answer. Hahaha!! So what happened was, we made eye contact and had that flash of recognition but pretended we never saw each other and that was the end of that.

The American. I’ve blogged about him before. ‘Twas during the time when he made a “the return of the comeback" (a Filipino joke) in my life. Hahaha!!! For reference, you can read it here. It was the summer of ’09 , I just graduated high school and still clueless about courting but already shallow enough (wahaha!!) to develop a crush-at-first-sight on this new guy in the neighborhood with an Adam Levine look. Okay, Maroon 5 was definitely not yet born that time and I just noticed the resemblance when he came back.  But he is an absolutely cutie-patootie and was the new crush of the neighborhood.  His surname is Fullen and is a full American who grew up in PH. Sometimes, I think of him whenever I hear American Boy (lol!) and funny I thought I saw him the other day. Wala lang.

From April to May of ’09 we were seeing each other almost every night because he was manning the business that his uncle set-up in the neighborhood. It was his summer job and he’d come over the house at night for some ten minutes of chit-chat before his uncle picks him up to go home to where they live somewhere down South. But just like any other summer, it was bound to be over. We lost touch after.

Six years after, he came back. It was for some projects in his uncle's business and he wasn’t able to find me during the first day. During that time, cellphones were already invented. LOL! And my very own mother gave my number to him. And that’s the time he started ‘fessing up that he liked me eversince which came to me as a shock! What do I know?? He used to tease me a lot back then!! Although in retrospect I did wonder why he’d call up his cousins in our landline and introduce me as his girlfriend (Read: Clueless) and he was extra nice (Read: sipsip) to my mom you know?

He was still cute and leaner with his gym-honed body but I didn’t like his new “bad boy image” with the whole arms tattooed and everything. Hence the title of the blog, “I Remember the Boy” cause just like what was said in the lyrics of that song after that line, “but I don’t remember the feelings anymore.”


The Indian. There was nothing much to tell about him. He is a nice, decent guy and was my blockmate in college. Can I just say that, that block was really special? For some six months, I felt like I was the prettiest girl in the world because I share it with a girl (Xiela) and some forty-plus guy classmates for five hours in the afternoon. LOL!

He knew about my Tweety collection and he bought a cellphone, which was the same model as mine. Back then; the infamous Nokia 3210 wasn’t born yet. And he gave me this Tweety thingamajig that you put on the phone’s antenna. Hehe. Same thing happened when I learned about “it”, I got that uncomfy feeling. So when he once offered a ride home, what did I do?? I HID. LOL!! I was how old then, 16?? And I can’t even act ladylike for my age. MY GAS!!!

Eventually, this guy gave way to his closest Filipino friend in the class who started courting me but whom I turned down - only that he became my first boyfriend after two years. LOL! Okay, enough!

The Singaporean. Well technically he is also a Chinese and I met him in my first work. He works for a vendor company and his work is to provide technical supports in terms of training etc. which was the reason why he came here for a 5-day training and I was one of his students. Kinda figured out his style already so it didn’t surprise me that he asked me out for dinner during the last day but I refused to go. Why?? Because of the gifts and gratuities policy of the company. Hahaha!!! Well actually it’s already a common practice to accept a free lunch and we already had one with the group that lunchtime at Tagaytay but this was a personal affair. Hmm, to be honest he wasn’t my type. There. He told me to contact him should I come to SG and I’ve been there for about ten times I think and never did I once initiate a contact. Of course I already lost his number. LOL! :P

Three more to go, to be continued...

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