Friday, November 26, 2010

JKT Diaries: Miss Late Comer! :P

Thank you Cebu Pacific first and foremost for making this trip possible. LOL! Okay, I’m not thanking them for having promo sales but err rather for, allowing me to uhmm..

Okay, warning. This is really not a good example and I am not making it known to the world so this kind of act would be tolerated.

This is me, charming my way checking in at the airport about 15 mins before my 9 PM flight. 15 MINS!!!!

I know, I know, I know. It won’t happen again okay. Although this is already the second time for my international flights (first was at Incheon airport with Korean airlines) and somehow I was still lucky it was a guy staff at the station. Whew, close shave once again.

The photo was taken by Joy. She went out to meet me at the entrance because she has my e-ticket with her. While checking-in it wasn’t initially obvious to me how she was able to get out. Coz around 1 hr from the flight when I received a call from her while the cab I was at was inching its way through that flyover near the airport, I was crestfallen to know that they’re already at the boarding gate.

Then I had to control what I feel. I mean like geese KC, what were you thinking? Like duh?? They’re gonna wait for you and not push through with the trip just because you can’t make it?? Okay it’s given you’re better friends with each one of them than they are to each other and you’re the link connecting both but Joy and Lisa have met quite a few times over movie sessions and of course they can still have a good time without you. It doesn’t mean they will have to call off whatever fees they have already paid off for this trip because of your absence. I thought of the expenses and yeah its better they make it without me rather than me bearing in my conscience how they had to call it off. Yikes! But if I wasn’t able to make it, I was already entertaining the thought of booking the next available flight just so I could follow. For whatever fees it would cost me. Yikes!

After my luggage was checked in, the next ten minutes went in a flurry of fees payment and whizzing past inspection areas. I was running like a mad woman because they were already calling out the passenger through the staff’s transceivers. After getting prioritized and having my passport stamped in the immigration area, I was surprised to see the two girls appear behind me. They haven’t made it pass the immigration yet. I was like WHAT?????? Followed by that crushing feeling (how they were so willing to sacrifice the trip if I’m not coming) and at the same time that guilt. Aaargh. But damn, these girls are the sweeeeeeeeetest!!! Felt like giving them a group hug but that persistent staff of Cebu Pac kept on bossing us about to RUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Past the immigration, okay I was running again but this time I wasn’t alone. LOL! It didn’t help that the gate was 5 million miles away, haha!! So by the time we made it at the first row of the seats, we were huffing and puffing and after finally catching our breaths, we laughed about it. Haha!! Joy’s flats were even slightly damaged because of the “marathon”. So sorry. Yikes. Won’t happen again. :P

I ahh was hoping I could chance upon the dancing attendants of Cebu Pac during the safety reminders. No dice. LOL! That would be so cool! I think the male ones would be more entertaining, hahaha!!! Well it was a late night flight and around midnight we arrived at Soekarno Hatta airport.

The reason for me being late was not taking enough precautions that it was a Friday night flight coupled with the heavy rain in the afternoon and whatever roadwork that was ongoing there at the airport which I wasn't aware of. I swear I allotted a one and a half hour travel time from the check-in time.

Okay, tell you what, there was this teeny-weeny girly drama that happened in the afternoon before the flight, haha!!  But I'm not going to delve further into the details and you're not going to be privy to that info.  :P  All that matters is that it was resolved and we had so much fun in Jakarta - which you're all going to read in the next. ;)

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