Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Big Picture

Today is the day I'm supposed to leave for this place.  *sigh*

Photo courtesy of The Big Picture

I've always wanted to see this country and the denial to admission during the early part of this year while I was in Macau/ Zhuhai didn't really help quell that urge.  =(  And now, ticket and hotel's ready but here I am cancelling the flight.  And I do apologize to my friend who even prepared the itinerary.

Well that extension of ours in JKT was certainly one major factor because it pretty much ruined my timeline on things and ate up some resources.  It was definitely unexpected.  Oh well...

Today before I left the house for the gym I was watching the news and I heard about Mt. Bulusan ash explosion somewhere over the northern island of Luzon.  What a timely way to remind me of Mt. Merapi, our extension and yeah my supposed flight.

But I need to correct something on the way I blogged last time.  It was very inconsiderate and thoughtless of me to behave that way blaming Mt. Merapi for getting stuck in Indonesia when that very afternoon in our Jakarta office (I reported for work :p), my colleague Ade had to show me how the said mountain wreaked havoc on its surrounding farms and villages.  :-|  And he had to show me through what?  Through The Boston Globe's The Big Picture.  Yay!  It has been one of my favorite sites for news/photography and I wasn't able to help but clutch my chest at the sight of the victims while he was showing the photos to me.  It was heartbreaking. :(  Then Ade had to go twist the knife by saying there was even a tsunami at some part of their country before the eruption.  Triple yay!  Shame engulfed me.  Gosh I hope it didn't really make me a shallow creature complaining about my schedules ruined when there were people out there who lost homes or even got killed.  I'm utterly sorry for what I said. 

Anyway on to a completely different topic, this has been the second time that I am cancelling a promo trip.  Last time was last year's local tour down south.  Tsk!  All those sales by budget airlines are not that always good noh?  At times it makes you book flights on an impulse then when something comes up, you can always take the tour for granted because "you got it on sale naman eh".  Wala lang. :P

China, oh China.  May araw ka din sakin.  Someday, someday......


Wil said...

I'm so disappointed for you Casey.. China would have been one of those once in a life time vacations..
After my Hong Kong, Macau, and China trip in January I will stay in Toronto for the whole year lol..

I've completely blown my vacation budget for 2009-2010, and I have to make up for it, by not traveling lol..


CaseyCakes said...

yeah i know, i know..its okay I can still sked that China next year.. ;)

huh? why is that so?? you mean ur Rome u asked for travel in advance for next year? is that possible?

Anonymous said...

No no.. I meant Ive spent over $16k on vacations the last 15 months or so that Ive got to take it easy after January.. I still get 5 weeks vacation a year..