Saturday, November 20, 2010

SG With Friends Day4: Jog @ Hougang

Being a self-confessed gym rat,  I always have this grand idea of visiting branches of Fitness First abroad.  I mean what's the use of my passport account right?  But for countries like SG where I was usually sent for work, my pointy corporate shoes usually take up so much room in my luggage that the trainers gets the sacrifice.

So since this is a purely leisure trip to SG, I had the chance of ditching my sky-rocketing heels and make some space for my Nike's!  Well you gotta admit, being gym rat and a Nike addict goes hand in hand! ;)  And with my returning flight to Manila for this last day still in the afternoon, I have every intention to locate the nearest branch to where I'm staying at and fight my way through SG's complicated MRTs.

Errr..wait a sec..fight my way through SG's MRTs???  Yay!!  I don't think so.  I made a Google search yesterday and learned that there's one along Ang Mo Kio.  Sure, I've heard of that station but getting into the branch itself as per inquiries with my SG-based friends is quite hard since no one have really been into that place.  Then it dawned on me, I've never really tried exploring SG alone.  Most of the time that I was out here, 'twas spent with my colleagues from work or friends from school that I'm sure I'm not gonna get lost.  :P  Note to self:  Must be adept in local transpo in SG in the future.  What for?? Wala lang.  LOL!

So.  To make full use of my trainers, I decided to invite Mac and Wen for a jog in the morning.  Haha!!  So much for my determination on visiting other branches of FF! :P  Well, Mac has been really running in their neighborhood as his means of keeping fit.  He even has this Nike apps wherein it posts his running data in FB!  So kewl, I wish I have an Iphone and that gadget in the shoes, LOL!  And as for Wen, she's been known as the most sporty girl among us.  I gathered marathons are quite "in" in SG too so this will be a good training for them.  As for Xiela..........well, she is still sick.  And I don't think she'll run even if she's feeling okay.  LOL!

Early Monday around 7-ish I was already awake, Mac's on leave and so is Wen so we're all set! :D

Photos courtesy of my Casio digicam placed in my armband!  Yep, even for jogging in SG I'm camera-ready.  Wahaha!!  I can't remember for how long we jogged.  But what I do recall is that we lost Wen in sight and we had to come back for her.  Turns out she slowed down coz it's her first exercise after a long time and her sight started blacking out she had to pace down.

Wow, if we only had a neighborhood like that in Hougang I prolly would run everyday too.  Just imagine all that clear thinking that running can give you while breathing in fresh air... So these were my thoughts as I run: Maybe I will ditch the gym membership and just make a career out of running.  All that savings for monthly fee in the club can be used to buy an Iphone and that Nike gadget.  (It's not obvious how badly I want it right?  Haha!!)  But on second thoughts, I love dancing and the pain and punishment during weightlifting and meeting people/making friends in the club.  Plus I can't find any place like that near our place in PH so I might not quit the gym for the moment.  LOL!

But there's one sign that caught my eye while running:

When I saw this I was like. WOW.  Really, really WOW.  I'm super IMPRESSED with SG's way of disciplining.  Zero tolerance for laziness!!!  Even for animals, can you imagine????  How much more to its citizens??? 

Anyway, for the rest of the day we just went to Hougang mall to buy some of my favorite Q Bread's Coffee Bun.  I never forget to buy this whenever I'm in SG.  It goes well with coffee or the wintermelon tea (another drink I always look out for in SG's 7-11 :P).  Haha!! 

So this officially ends my SG with Friends travelogue and no, I did not miss out any part.  I REALLY did not do any shopping save for the pink external HD I bought in Hougang mall which I badly need for work.  LOL!! Quite a feat for this trip right?  Haha!!

Thanks for reading, Jakarta diaries up next! ;)

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