Friday, December 03, 2010


Hey guys!!  If your sked is open on Wednesday December 8, I invite you to go and see Chassis.

Nora lives illegally under the chassis of container vans in Pier 16 with her daughter Sarah. Her husband, Lando, is a trailer van driver who travels from province to province to deliver goods. Everyday, they scramble up and transfer from one chassis to the other to avoid getting caught by guards. At night, she helps Sarah with the child’s homework under the lamp posts as she wants a better life for her child. Unknown to Lando, to help augment their income, Sarah also prostitutes herself to the men in the pier area. We follow Nora as she goes through a routinary life until a tragedy changes everything. How far will a mother go for her child’s welfare?

Okay, I thought we really have a Tagalog cha-sis word and that it meant those nets that were being set-up under the trucks in Pier like the one shown below.  I've seen this since we live quite near the area.  I was wrong.  I looked it up and it refers to the frame of the truck itself or any automobile.  Therefore it's wrong to be pronounced as chassis with an S in the end because it's supposed to be silent.  :P  I guess there are always new things to learn everyday.  :P

I was highly anticipating this film because of its plot and it's my brother's third indie.  He played the role of Lando.  Mama and I (oh and my dog Betty too :p) even had the chance to see the shoot when we went to the location one Sunday.  We met the casts and the director while they were having a lunchbreak.  Mama even had some photo-ops with the main star Jodi Sta. Maria.  Haha!!  She's soooo pretty. :)  Even if she had to look very plain and ordinary because of the role.  I remember Lem having a hard time finding some worn-out shirts to wear and his feet very black with charcoal just to portray the character.  :P

It was rather unfortunate that the movie will not have a premiere night. I was sooooo ready with a dress.  Hahaha!!! =))  Well it was because the film was more intended for international screenings and it has already made its way in Pusan International Film Festival 2010 which was held last month.  Lem had the chance to go to Korea.  Sooo jealous!  Hahaha!!!  Here are some of their shots:

Jodi and Lem

And this is yet another funny picture, Lem pretending it's him the fans were screaming for outside the film festival.  WAHAHA!!!

Mark the date, it's December 8! :)  You may watch the full trailer below,

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