Friday, May 14, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day1c: Meet Mr. Golf-Addict!!

Ever since I started working for MNCs (multi-national companies) and had this surreal feeling of visiting co-workers asking me out (but never really went out with any of them :P), somehow I had this feeling that someday I’m gonna end up with a foreign partner. Even mom’s friends would think the same way; perhaps they attribute it to my height or something. Honestly I had no qualms whatsoever if that will be the case but still in my heart of hearts, I’d still prefer a Filipino for the so-called “the One.”

So meet J. He & I got close during our Macau business trip early this year. Back then, he was still nursing a broken heart from her ex, a flight attendant whom he called it quits with just because of her lying. Wow, such lofty standards I might say. :P He was shocked when he learned that I’m eerrr single and available (like duh??) and I think the attraction, err interest took off from there.

Like me, he was also one of the company’s employees who extended the trip for a holiday in HK. But during that time, I already made plans with my Indonesians plus local friends and he also had his own itinerary. Weeks after during one of our convos in Skype we both found out that that very Sunday (when Indo friends already left and Cathy & then bf went to Macau), we were both walking alone in Mongkok. I don’t know what his business was but I was doing my regular shopping then. Hahaha!! It was almost serendipitous if we accidentally met, but it never happened. Seriously, he could be of big help to me back then as I was heavily laden down with my shopping bags. :)) So to make up for lost times, he’s always like this whenever we talk in Skype:

J: When are you coming to BKK?
Me: Hahaha!!
J: Don’t laugh!

Hahaha!! I always find it cute! Some friends would find it negative, saying, if he wanna see you why do you have to come to him? But to his credit, he knows I like traveling and is aware of my desire to really see Thailand.

And the perfect opportunity came. Having said all that and if you also read my fashion post, I can still say with unwavering certainty that I did not come to BKK to have a date, lol! True, finding a good one doesn’t really come up in droves in PH but saying yes to one in another country just made this trip all the more memorable. Hahaha!!

And to explain how I came prepared with a dress. It was my Korea trip that taught me a lesson to always reserve a party dress for traveling even if it’s purely a business one, just in case your co-workers might decide one night to loosen up a bit. And for this, I packed with me my MNG floral dress. Weee.. Love… =)

‘Twas past 10 PM already when he reached the lobby since he came all the way from his MBA class. With him waiting in the lobby, me coming down from the stairs and the night receptionist in her desk, it felt something like out of a prom date (minus the gown and tux of course, but the receptionist being like the “guardian”, haha!). It was sooo formal! =P

We walked past a car and he asked me if I already walked around the area, he briefly mentioned about some nice attractions nearby. When I said yes, he changed his mind on the walking and walked back to that very same car. I didn’t know it was his. Haha!

He actually had a hard time maneuvering out because the way to the hostel is kind of narrow. He could’ve just parked right out at the main road but probably because he observed that I was always in heels (hahaha!!) didn’t wanna bother with me a long walk. Aww, so sweet I made a mental note to add this up to his good-bf tally. :)) But actually, I was just in my purple flats then accessorized with a bracelet of the precise color – a pre-departure gift from Cathy. :)

Once inside the car, he was still determined to give me a tour of the area specially the temples. And I didn’t realize that (sorry but this might seem like an ignorant statement), these temples are sort of glowing at night. We stopped by one in particular and it was stunning, really! It was impossible not to be charmed by these structures. And the fact that you’re observing it with a cute Thai guy opposite you doesn’t really help but create a sort of romantic atmosphere. Yaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!! I’m getting carried away! :P I was almost tempted to take a picture from inside but deemed it’s kind of improper - like it’s an idiotic thing to do. But never mind, it just gave me an idea for a night shoot itinerary. Woohoo, howsaboutthatBangkok???? :))

As he went on driving passing through Chao Praya River, the Grand Palace and some parks, he tackled on briefly about Thailand’s political state – the rallies, the state of the monarchy, etc. I gathered he is in favor of the red shirt protesters. Sssshhhh!!!! :P Moments after, he parked his car near this place which seemed to be a very busy road for night time. The place was called Khao San Road.

I already heard about this from Nam (my technical counterpart), it seemed to be very famous for foreigners. It is some sort of a night market with lots of clubs in it. At the forefront, I already spotted some very nice dresses which made me want to come near but was hesitant to do so because of J. Errr hello KC? Has some alien taken over you?? It’s making you act completely out of character. Hahaha!! So instead, I opened my mouth and asked J:

Me: So tell me, does your ex-girlfriend come often here too??

It was the discomfort in his response that made me cringe and regret what I said. Geese KC you couldn’t have scripted a better opening line. Me and my stupid mouth! Aaaargh!

Ultimately, it’s as if the alien fled from me, I finally made my first purchase after reaching the heart of the road. All I needed was a jumpstart. I found these cute bracelets with different colors to give for my girlfriends (it’s been a habit of mine to give same items but of different colors to them so we all match, haha!), crazy eyewear and even went back from where we started just to finally buy the floral dress I bulls-eyed a while ago! Haha! And when I was finally done and happily contented with my shopping, we went inside this bar just to grab some drinks and check Bangkok’s nightlife. Yep, still crazy. It’s been a while since I last partied hardcore but weird, I didn’t miss it. Even with the perfect flats to dance on, we just stayed by the couch discussing things like work and the issues (aaaargh!!!!), his studies and his addiction to golf. He plays 5 times a week!!! Initially I found this a bit incomprehensible. But in retrospect, I realized it’s about the same time I go to gym a week. I guess we’re all addicts in different ways! Hahaha!!

So to stop further speculation, I give you J – Mr. Golf Addict: Hahaha!!!

Wearing the eyewear I bought a while ago, he garnered cute points from my girlfriends when I showed them this pic. Haha!

And please give me some cute points too, lols!

I believe it was almost 1 AM already when we left. He’s got classes for the next day and an itinerary for me too (courtesy of the tuktuk driver, lols!). And just like a proper prom date, he drove me back to my hostel to find the very same receptionist (aka guardian) working on her desk as if really waiting for me. Haha!

When J left, I made some small talk to her, asking if she really had to stay up ‘til morning. She said, when all the guests are in, she can finally get some sleep. Yaaay!! I quickly apologized but dismissed it saying that it’s part of her job. J Went back upstairs and freshened up for sleep.

A little later, there I was lying in my bed finding myself smiling before I sleep. The smile of course, had a name in it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I didn't see this blog on your facebook page, meaning he has facebook, and you don't want him to see this post lol..


Anonymous said...

hahahaha!!! no he has facebook! he's not in my friends list.. :P but ur right i dont want others to see this, they might think i went to thailand to have a date! :P