Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day1b: I'm a Thai Princess :))

Aaaarrrgghh, Wil!!! What's up with this thing?? I could really use some pointers you know! :)) Speaking of which, why haven't I enrolled yet in any photog class and focused on learning driving instead?? So much for making it a 2010 resolution eh?? :))

And lastly, whaddddddaaaaaaaap with this HEAT??? Ang INIT!!!!!!!

Haha!! 'Nuff complainin. I only stayed about 20 mins total at Wat Ratchanaddaram and I was already sweating profusely what with my tank top and long-sleeved shirt . The most interesting structure is the Loha Prasat which is a multi-tiered pagoda with spires around it. I actually went inside just to check but didn't bother much because of the too many ins and outs of the place and there's not much persons inside I reckon it's not that much safe for me. Though it would be nice to hear the explanation about the structure, really. Sad.

I do apologize for collaging my photos. It's just that I got this comment from my last post saying something about "Artistically done is better than spectacularly said." What a gem! To be honest, it struck me as negative when I first read it (add to it the fact that it was left anonymous) but knowing me I'm giving him or her a "generous" benefit of the doubt. There was nothing spectacular I said about shooting, I didn't expect that person to read the context of my blog for him or her to understand that I know NADA about photography. While yes I do have my prof camera with me, but I'd like to make it clear that NEVER DID I mention that I came to Bangkok for photography. That's my point, thanks for the comment and for understanding. :) I was also looking at flickr photos of the place and DAMN, I was sooooo tempted to use their shots for my blog. I do acknowledge my lame shots and I know Wil (my generous camera donor) is going to berate me for it. LOLS! :))

Back to the main road, knowing me knowing you there is nothing we can do (haha, inserting a song) but to have a souvenir of myself in the place. I saw some random guy by the area who looks kind enough for me to ask him to take me a picture. But just like me, his shot was lame. LOL! And he was only using my back-up Kodak digicam! :)) *sigh* It's sooooo hard to be alone.

This guy then, whom I learned was a gardener in the place, started making ya know, small talk to me. Asked about my roots and then flattered me with the usual comments. Later on, he was suggesting I take a tour using the Tuktuk! Said it's a special day for Tuktuk drivers, they will just take me to some places like Lucky Buddha, Giant Budhha and some shops for just 10 Baht and they will be entitled to a free gasoline coupon from the government. Sounds like a plan for a laidback me who doesn't have an itinerary, hahaha!!

Of course I hesitated for a moment. I remembered the current situation but he pointed to my map the places I'm supposed to go, they are quite far from the dangerous places so in about 5 mins, I'm having my first tuktuk ride! Yeeeyyyy!!! Sooo undaunted - I really don't know where this courage is all coming from.

wish ko lang hindi natakpan ang face ko! hahaha!!!

In the Lucky Buddha place, I get to take pictures and talk to the caretaker of the place, I observed the habitat of the orange monks and their daily activities like praying. Then stopped onto this Exotic Center - sort of a mall which offers discounts on jewelries (not my interest) but I wandered from second to fourth floor to find something because they said I'm gonna get a free photo if I bought a total of 300 Baht. :)) I ended up buying a necktie for my Papa and a coin purse for myself, haha! Geese, I always find myself giving him a necktie everywhere I go. Seems like the safest thing to give him. :))

LOL, LOL and more LOL! I don't need Joan Rivers to point out that it is a fashion disaster. Hahaha!! Well, it's what the attendant gave to me. And it's not that I have much of a choice either from the dresses in the rack, you can see below, but the huge eyewear is cute! ;-)

After this, we went into one more textile shop where you can ask them to tailor a skirt for you. I just bought a scarf instead for our maid. :) 'Twas past 6 PM when I first felt hunger pangs and I realized I haven't eaten anything for the day! Yaaaay! I asked the tuktuk driver to stop by a 7-11 where I bought myself some noodles. Before I left, he offered another ride tomorrow to visit the Grand Palace and set the time 10 AM. Same damage fee, 10 Baht - sooo cheap! Again, another "something to do" for me tomorrow. Hahaha!!

An hour after in my room, while consuming my noodles, I was interrupted by the shrill burble of my phone. I wonder who could this be??? It was from someone saying that he wants to see me tonight. Uh, oh. Looks like I've just got something for myself on this trip - A DATE!!! Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh fuck I completely forgot you told me you were going to Thailand back then.. It honestly flew over my head because there's a lot of scams in Thailand, and one of them involves Tuk Tuks.. ANd you just described that scam lol... I'm hoping it didn't cost you too much or I'd really feel guilty..

It just completely flew over my head cause I'm just used to googling countries I'm visiting, and typing in scams before I travel haha..


Lissy said...

Hmmm... the shots aren't lame, if you ask me... not that you're my girlfriend, but really... :) -Liz

Anonymous said...

wahaha!! really?? thanks! im bringing the cam later, so i'll ask pointers from u.. hihihi..