Sunday, May 09, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day 1a: Me & My Űber-Planned Itinerary

Sawasdeeka! Pronounced as Sodeeka then you press your palms together then bow your head a little. I realized, it's not so much a popular greeting noh? Or maybe just for me. I even had a hard time finding the correct spelling of the word! Anyways, around 6 AM, the first sight that greeted me out of the Suvarbhanumi airport (pronounced as Suwanabum - it's so nice to have a Thai companion to teach you these things) told me that I'm going to love Thailand! Daaraaaannnn....

Colorful taxis!!!! :)) I was rooting for the pink one! But sadly, it's the blue taxi's turn (hence the opened trunk). Howell.......

Fast forward to 830 AM in my hostel room, Nam has already left and I logged online to check work emails errr I mean update my facebook status. Spell it out for me please, A-D-D-I-C-T!!!! :)) I was overwhelmed with everybody's concerns. Aside from Fb comments, I was bombarded with window pop-ups from my YM asking me why the hell I was in Bangkok given its current state and reminding me to be very careful. Awwww, lurve lurve lurve my friends. =) I was truly bowled over. But at the same time, it was the only moment I felt something akin to fear. Yay!

And true enough, I clicked on some news sites and learned that there was a grenade fired at the city during the red shirt protests just the night before. One fatality from the bombing, a female - same. age. as. mine. Bloody yaaaaayyyyy!!!! It's the reason why the big malls in the city are all inoperative (must this really be my concern?? lol!). I assuaged my friends' fears, told them that the place I'm staying at is quite far from the city and that I will be extremely careful. As I log off from all applications, I bolt up straight in the bed. And with this conundrum in mind I asked myself,

NOW WHAT??????????????

To be honest, I really didn't plan any itinerary for my entire stay. Absolutely zip! Oh, how I miss my travel buddy Lissy and her OC itinerary planning. :)) While yes deep inside, I know I'd like to see close-up some temples, the Chatuchak and whatever activities the hostel staffs might offer. But as of this moment, all I can think of is that I desperately need some sleep!!! Not even the Avatar shown during the midnight flight (AVATAR!!!!) was enough to keep me awake. Perhaps, I'll just worry about what to do later.


About 2 PM, I woke up to some missed calls from my phone. Hmmm, who could this be??? Aaargh, it's about work and some urgent queries from customers. All of a sudden as if someone presses a cerebral tape recorder in my head, I hear our boss' reminder the night we're dining at Great Kebab Factory about how we're off the hook for work this Friday but remember to respond to customer's urgent concerns. Rrriiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttttttt. I logged in to our corp email and finished some work. Or atleast I hope it's finished and that they'll stop texting or calling me because it's already Friday afternoon and I have to make my stay atleast worthwhile. ;)

I browsed through some leaflets available in the room and I quickly learned that the location of the hostel is quite historic. Thus, a lot of attractions are already available within the vicinity. ;) Some are just 5-10 mins walk away from the hostel.

How thankful I am to have booked this hostel?? Moreover, they offer also some activities for their guests. Like doorpainting every Saturday morning (you saw the doorpost in the hostel?? Yup, it was handpainted by some guests. :) and also some cooking classes for those interested to learn about Thai cuisine. Inneresting!! Maybe I'll try the cooking. LOLs! Wouldn't it be memorable to learn my very 1st actual dish here in BKK?? :)) Who knows maybe this will awaken my currently dormant passion for cooking! Hahaha!!! But kidding aside, really in my heart of hearts, I'd would really love to learn how to cook. And I'm telling you once I started taking it seriously, be scared coz I'm already up to something. Hahaha!!

But first things first, I have to do some work-out first. After a quick 30-min pilates, I went for a power shower and got dressed. I've decided to check-out the temples I saw while on the way to hostel this morning. Just to tease Wil again because he's sooooo not a fan of the hat (hahaha!!), this is what I intended to wear:

Oh come on, give me your approval. I had a hard time packing that in my luggage so as not to get crumpled. LOL!

But figuring that it would just impede my activity, I decided to ditch it before leaving the room. And what activity would that be?? Of course: SHOOTING!!! :))

Wushu kala mo naman marunong! Hahahaha!!! :))


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