Thursday, May 06, 2010

BKK Adventures: The Fashion

Baan Dinso. No, no it's not a Thai greeting. It just hit me, there I was blogging a whhoooollleeee lot about the hostel I stayed at in my last post but never did I once mention its name. LOLs! So there, the name is Baan Dinso. :)

And actually, this will be an extension of last topic. Initially, my plan was to combine it into one - the hostel & the fashion but I just couldn't contain everything into a single post. Geesh, I'm so daldal. So talkative in a nonsense way. Hahaha!!!

Usually hostels don't offer hair dryer in your room right away isn't it, so when I asked for one, imagine how happy I was to find such thing in PINK! Cuteee!!! Hahaha!!!

So much for my intro pic, the theme for my Bangkok fashion are.........florals & shorts!! :)) The floral jumpsuit above I got it from Khao San Road on a Friday night. I was just planning to use it as "pambahay" that Saturday but given the heat in BKK which is not a far cry from our weather here in PH and a scheduled Chatuchak shopping which is sooooooo not your typical air-conditioned mall (oops, I'm revealing too much already on my activities, haha!!), I decided not to change anymore. LOL!

So for a full view of the dress, here's me in the outdoor breakfast area. Yup, this is where breakfast was served every morning.

So, speaking of breakfast. The hostel rate already included this morning meal and I would say it ain't bad at all! Look!

Okay, the sunny side up was cut from the pic. Bad shot! But that was enough to last me for a day. I don't know I noticed I didn't eat much when I was in BKK. Wushu, as if I consider it as a bad thing! Hahaha!! :)) Ang plastic! :P Here's another one pic of me having brekky on a Sunday morning in another floral dress I got from Khao San Road. ;-)

Weird, I've been wearing dresses I bought from BKK instead of those ones I packed. Hahaha!! In fairness, I was warned to be careful with the color of my clothes coz as you know there are protests in which they wear the color red. Well, safe one coz it's definitely not my color. You'll hardly see me in red.

This dress made me appreciate orange in a whole new level (which is again, not my color). I love how it was combined with pale blue and what's more loveable is that it matches my packed floral print shades I got from Aldo. Here:

The multi-colored wallet I got it from Chatuchak. I will give it as a gift to my girly niece but I just had to use it first. Haha!! Oh please spare me, I have four currencies in my wallet you know (baht, dollar, peso & rupee). :P

It's headbows, ribbons and long shoulder bags! ;-) The headbows, I dunno. I saw it in a fashionista's site months ago I just didn't know it's quite a trend in BKK. Even the Thai female host in MTV once upon a hairdrying was sporting it. Well, since everybody in BKK said I look Thai (as in nobody would speak to me in English!!!), then I might as well dress up like a Thai. Hahaha!!! I might looked like a wabbit in there, haha, but I love Thai fashion. I need to blend. LOLs!

If I may just relate a story lang naman.....A couple of years back, I just stumbled upon this flickr site of a fashionista named boboniaa. Forget about the name (uhh, it's not so good for a Tagalog name right?) but she has this amazing wardrobe diary in her site and you'll admire how her simple pieces are put together. I love how Thai people (atleast that's how I observed them) are not sooo branded when it comes to clothes and stuffs. They will just invest in say, one expensive item in their ensemble then accessorize it with things they got from Chatuchak market. And THAT - ladies & gents, is how I got interested in going to BKK. Wahaha!!

So most of the girls I saw flocking on to the weekend market were just in simple understated pieces usually in shorts then just accessorized to whatever they like. Hence, my copycat version above. Haha! I gather they're not much into floral patterns. Oh well, that was just a one-day observation in a very limited place such as Chatuchak. Don't rely much on it. ;)

SO, everything in my ensemble above except for the tank top (which made me look F-A-T!) and the blue slippers are from Chatuchak market. Hahaha!!! Wow, I was that excited to wear the things I bought?? LOLs!

And for my last pic,

Again, this is a change of plan for my departure outfit but given the heat and the stuffs I bought, I had to wear the bag going home (it wouldn't fit in my luggage anymore, yes that SMALL couldn't fit inside!!!). But it was of very good use for my travel documents. ;-) It was so embarassing the number of handcarry I have going home. Hahaha!!

Oh and one more planned outfit for BKK was my multi-colored skirt which I had to cancel because of the multi-colored protesters that evolved who are against the red activists! My goodness gracious!! :))

Hope you enjoyed my fashion report. Next will be my travelogue proper. :) Happy weekend guys! :)


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Nice Shot..I Love your clothes

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thanks so much! :)


PetiteAsianGirl said...

Wow, love all the outfits in this post, especially those bright blue shorts with that big bow. I miss shopping in Asia!

Anonymous said...

thank you.. :)