Wednesday, May 05, 2010

BKK Adventures: The Hostel

You know what guys?? What?? A louder WHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTT please?? Haha!!! Okay. This Bangkok trip is my first official out of the country trip ALONE! And CONGRATUMALATIONS to me for making it happen!! WOOHOO!! PALAKPAKAN!! *clap, clap, clap* Hahaha!!!

I'm two parts boastful for making it alive amidst rallies and protests but of course it's still considered a BIG NO-NO and will be a MAJOR consideration in my future trips. But I'm still alive now so would you please exonerate me on that account??? Pretty, please??? I promise I will read more on news and current events and less Hollywood gossip on Perez moving forward. Pinky swear. :P LOL! Besides, I was just having a chillax time after my business trip in India. So yes, this holiday's airfare is sort of free. :P

I love how the company grouped us telco guys such that everybody has a company in going to India. The Indo guys joined those based in SG, those in the north HK & Taiwan came together and as for me, my connecting flight was in Bangkok. :)

One of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay in BKK is because of my hostel. It was already late when I booked it from and it has the highest reviews in the said site. Didn't have much time to consult my Thai colleagues about the hostel's location since they were having a long holiday in Thailand the week before the training. All I know is that it has the highest ratings in the website and so I was sold.

This is the facade that greeted me and my Thai counterpart (Nam) who helped me reach the hostel around 7 AM. It's like a traditional Thai house in the 1950's according to the leaflet. :P Some soothing music was playing in the background when we arrived and there were some welcome refreshments for us.

I noticed that the very friendly personnel who received us was in barefoot so when I took off my flats (purple, if you must know :p) and stepped inside, I was already impressed with the hostel's cleanliness and orderliness! As in WOW! I actually had a bad impression about hostels the very first one of which was that we booked in HK earlier this January. :P But this is just too good to be true. I wasn't able to check-in yet (1 PM standard time) but they did allow me to stay in their PC room somewhere in the basement. FREE WIFI!!!! Great, I could use some work. Ugh, I thought to myself but some 30 mins after the same staff presented me with the good news that I can now check-in to a twin private room rather than wait for a single private room (the one which I really booked) which will only be available after lunch. Our boss already informed us that that Friday beforehand is already a holiday for us, so yes, I could really use some sleep! Flight from New Delhi was 1130 PM thank you very much. :))

Sorry that I wasn't able to take shots of the room prior to messing it up with my stuffs! Haha! I just checked a while ago that the rate I paid for single is actually more than the cost for this room but I just realized that the downgrade was a good idea. I could really use an extra bed for my stuffs. Specially after shopping trips like this one below, so yeah what you're seeing now is my actual shot! Hahaha!!
What I particularly love about this uhm let's just refer to it as an "upgrade" shall we? is that I have room for doing my pilates! Notice that space in between, it's where I put another towel and proceed with my work-out! Haha! Yeah I'm still health-conscious like that even abroad! :P
Attention to details. You will also love how some cute stuffs can be seen just around the house.

(a) colorful displays on the plants (b) a very cute handpainted doorpost (c) cute toys by the stairs and (d) some chinawares above the shoe rack. ;)

The only gripe Nam mentioned at the onset is the bathroom sharing which I noticed later on didn't pose any problems at all because there are a loooooot to use from - all of which are very very very clean and with again details such as the like below,

Their toilets is soooooooo well-kept the type that you'll be ashamed not to clean it yourself afterwards - well atleast that was the effect on me. Haha!

But my most favorite part of all was the terrace. Aaaaaah, I really like that frame hanging by the wall! I have a picture of me in there. ;)

Sorry I just exhausted you with too much details about the hostel, it's just that I was extremely satisfied with my stay here. And it's one factor when you're traveling alone right? The fun and character of your lodging that could make your stay enjoyable in a foreign place. And let us not forget the friendliness and kindness of the staffs, aww I can say that I miss them already. Most striking to me is how they patiently take my pictures (hahaha!! well what to do if you're alone abroad right?? :p) and take notice of details in my ensembles. Hihi. Speaking of which, my BKK fashion is up next. :) That's why I made a promise to them that I will be back there. :)

It is no wonder why this hostel was named as the Best Hostel in the World for 2009! =)

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