Monday, May 03, 2010

Clique ;)

Erm, I guess I had to prolong your anticipation of my BKK adventure to give way for some happenings over the weekend. :)

The Original Charlie's Angels. :)
Lucy, Cameron & Drew had nothing on us. Haha!

The T.G.I.F cast (or Click? Depends on which TV station you support, lol! Whatever..Looks like you're typical teenage soap pictorial! I sooooo like this!)

I have a joke. What do ugly people always say when it's time to take pictures?? Answer: Oh, wacky naman, wacky naman! LOL! Ang corny. Haha! Okay next.

Shots please?????????

Look who's sooooo used to this? Funny my reaction, ewww!!! I hate you JT for this stupid idea and the searing headache it gave me after. LOL!

If Wil is in love with the center table (haha!), I'm in love with Cathy's KTV system. I've never found such a generous machine to give me a perfect 100 score in my Faith Hill's There You'll Be song! Hihihi.

I'm wearing my floral dress from Warehouse. :) It's so like Ma-Ri-Mar! Awww! Hahaha!! :))

Hopefully no more distractions, I will proceed with BKK next. :)

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