Thursday, April 29, 2010

India - Etcetera

Allow me to cover all the other things experienced in India before I finally finally move to my Bangkok adventure. Hahaha!!

The View. Monday morning, this is the sight that greeted me after waking up. Here's a residential village near the hotel. Unsightly! I guess however I justify that it's not that bad coming here, there's still a problem with the people's view on cleanliness in general.

The GIP. Or Great India Place, one of the biggest malls in Noida. We had our dinner here for our day 2 and day 3. Day 2 dinner was in a restaurant called Yo!China and most of us didn't enjoy the food :-/ while Day 3 I get to taste again my favorite Naan and buttered chicken (not the Tikka Masala but still spicy and yummy with Naan. =)

The Bowling. Please tell me, why did I ever have to experience my first ever bowling here? Hahaha!! I was so not prepared and I was soooooo not willing to uhmm wear the rented shoes since I don't have my socks. I was wearing my leopard flats! >_<

The Shoes! Would you believe it??? I only packed 1 - ONE- ISA - UNO - heeled shoe for this trip. Hahaha!!! Lucky lady was my yellow wedge shoes from PRP.

And so, theme of the biz attires for me was yellow. :P Yey to no new clothes! :)) And yey, to light packing! Hahaha!!! So here's for the arrival & departure ensembles, I brought also my purple flats. =)
I love crisp white shirts! And my bib necklace is just so location appropriate - so ethnic! And oh yeah, I just realized I should've packed or bought one of those traditional Indian costumes and wore it to the training. Haha! That would be ┼▒ber-cool!!!

The colleague.
An Edward Cullen lookalike - the Indian counterpart! Hahaha!!! OMG! Okay, okay, for starters, hear me. I'm team Jacob! But there's this guy I was observing during the training (geese KC you're not listening again, ahaha!!!) and it didn't take me so long to realize his doppelganger! Yay! He had that same mysterious appearance as Edward and I can't believe that he is the guy that I always argue with in email in the past! Hahahaha!!!

I was told before that some of the guys there were curious to meet me coz of the description my boss gave me to them. But then he also kept on telling me not to be remembered as that girl with just a pretty face so I must be focused, stay strong and be strict! LOLs! But on the other side, I can use that face for a "better" working relationship right? Hahaha! I think after this meeting, there will be some improvements in terms of the work turn-around and I'm expecting some productive results. :P Include less arguments in there, hehehe. ;-)

Anyway, for more pics on the place and happenings, I've posted the album in here.

If there's one thing I hate about this trip, it's what they did to my luggage. Boo hoo! What's the use of having an expensive one if it will just come out too dirty in the carousel??? And smelly too!! :-,( No wonder I was toying with the idea of the packaging offered me while I was queued for check-in at NAIA. :(

But India is fine, like what I always say, it's not worse than what other people think. And I'm going to love it if it means I can always come to Bangkok for free. Hahaha!! Bangkok travelogue up next!! Yey!!!

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